On our YouTube Channel, we share how to’s and tips, our experience and insights driving a gas RV and our thoughts on diesel, give feedback on our recent suspension upgrade, show you how we cook using our RV convection oven (yes, even while driving!), how long we can shower before running out of hot water – and a plethora of random moments in our ‘Slice of RV Life’ video series. Join us as we learn, create and share videos that we hope you find educational, inspiring or entertaining – even if it means laughing at our expense. That’s OK. As long as you either laugh or learn something, that’s totally cool with us. In all honesty, most of the time our RV life goes pretty smoothly, but we know you all like a bit of drama and some of our most popular videos are when something goes wrong. It’s a good reminder that mishaps happen to us all eventually and it’s all part of the journey, so we may as well embrace it!


We're full-time RVers who have traveled to all of the lower 48 states of the USA over the past 2 years, sharing our journey and learnings along the way. We want to help YOU hit the road and live your RV dreams too.

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