Well, hello! We’re so excited you are here, and want to introduce you to our new book “Living the RV Life – Your Ultimate Guide to Life on the Road” published by Adams Media, a division of Simon & Schuster. Yep, as you might expect, with a title like that, the book covers everything you need to know to learn about and get started in the RV life, and enjoy more freedom, fun and adventure!

The book is 256 pages, full color, and jam-packed with gorgeous photos, and practical information to help you hit the road. It is now available both as paperback and digital (eBook/Kindle) versions from all good booksellers.

Living the RV Life – Your Ultimate Guide to Life on the Road

by Marc and Julie Bennett

Whether you’re downsizing or thrill-seeking—or anything in between—find out if the RV lifestyle is right for you, and learn how to transition from a life of traditional home-ownership to one on the road.

Do you love traveling? Meeting new people and seeing new places? Are you craving a life that feels meaningful and new? The RV lifestyle could be the answer. Both aspirational and practical, Living the RV Life is your ultimate guide to living life on the road—for people of all ages looking to downsize, travel, or work on the go.

Learn if life in a motor home or RV is right for you, with insightful details on the experiences of full-time RV-ers, tips for how to choose an RV (how big? new or used?), whether to sell your home (and if not, what to do with it), model costs, sample routes and destinations, basic vehicle maintenance, legal and government considerations—and much more!

Written in a light and an easy-to-understand style, Living the RV Life is your bible to living a mobile life.

NOVEMBER 20, 2018
ISBN: 9781507208984
USD $22.99 (CAN $32.00)
Paperback and Digital eBook
Size: 10″ x 8″, 256 Pages


ABOUT THE AUTHORS: Marc and Julie Bennett of RVLove are full-time RVers, Bloggers, YouTubers, RV course instructors and inspiring lifestylists, who live, work and travel from their motorhome while exploring the world. They have traveled to all 50 USA states, plus Canada, Mexico, and Australia, while still working full time. They appear in the RV Nomads movie and also host online courses at RV Success School. They are currently renovating their motorhome for an upcoming Ultimate RV Makeover series on YouTube.

RV living is a hot trend right now and not only is our book coming out just in time for the holiday (aka gift buying) season, we’re thrilled to announce that Barnes & Noble has also selected Living the RV Life as one of their top picks for the holidays which means the book will be featured on the front tables in-store, as well as special promotions in November-December. In addition, Boulder Bookstore in Colorado (2018 Bookstore of the Year) has also selected it to be featured on their “Recommended” shelves front of store.


You can buy “Living the RV Life – Your Ultimate Guide to Life on the Road” at all good bookstores. You can order now (which we recommend as it will be a popular holiday gift) as either paperback or digital (Kindle) version.

Click one of the bookseller links below to order your copy (or copies) now. They actually make great gifts for loved ones who may not understand why you may be considering (or already live) the RV life, and by the end of the book, they may even consider joining you out on the road!



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