We’ve written a lot about Thousand Trails camping memberships over our 9+ years of RVing. It’s been a big part of making the RV lifestyle affordable for us. We started out with a Zone Camping Pass in 2014 but soon upgraded our membership so we could enjoy longer stays and more benefits. Figuring out the best camping membership option for you can be confusing territory. But after years of intensive research and experience, we know how and where to find the best options and deals available. Here you’ll find a whole series of helpful articles to help people like you make the best decision for your situation and budget. These are some of our most popular posts and the ones we get the most “thank you” emails about. We hope you find them useful and that they save you a ton of money too. Learn all about Thousand Trails, the Trails Collection, and decide if it’s worth it for you, by reading the articles below.

All About Thousand Trails in Arizona: 22 RV Parks

If you like to RV in Arizona in the winter AND you love to save money on camping, this article is for you. Arizona is a great state for staying at Thousand Trails RV resort locations if you have the right camping membership. Especially if you are age 55 or older, as you can access

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All About Thousand Trails Oregon: 7 Campgrounds

Ready to explore the diverse landscapes of Oregon from the comfort of your RV? Our comprehensive guide to all seven Thousand Trails RV parks in beautiful Oregon covers where to stay and how to save! From stunning coastline to lush forests and breathtaking mountains, we give you the scoop on each location, ensuring you get

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Thousand Trails Escape Membership – What You Need To Know

If you’re looking for a more affordable way to camp in your RV travels, you may want to consider the new, more budget-friendly program called Thousand Trails Escape Membership. In this post, we will explain how it compares to their other membership offerings, and who the Escape Membership is ideal for. But if you’re not already

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All About Thousand Trails In California: 25 RV parks

California is one of the best states for Thousand Trails RV resort locations. The fact that California has such a variety in elevation and latitude provides an opportunity for finding just the right climate for your RV travels year-round. With so many being interested in keeping their RVing stays affordable, now is the time to

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How Much Does A Thousand Trails Membership Cost? (2024 Update)

So what does a new Thousand Trails Camping Membership cost in 2024? Here’s the latest pricing for all new Thousand Trails (TT) memberships, and the latest promotional deals. We cover the Zone Camping Pass, Trails Collection, Elite Basic, Elite Connections and NEW Adventure upgrade – with an overview of each membership type and key benefits.

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What is the Thousand Trails Adventure Membership Upgrade?

There’s been a lot of buzz about Thousand Trails’ new Adventure membership upgrade. What are the benefits? How is it different from other membership options? Is it worth the investment?  In this article, we cover all the details and answer as many questions as we can, to help you make an informed decision about whether

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Is Thousand Trails Worth it? Our Comprehensive Review

After 6 years of life on the road, traveling as full-time RVers, and another 4 years of part-time travel, we reviewed our biggest RV-related expenses to see what this lifestyle has really been costing us each year. We start by answering one of our most often-asked questions: Is our Thousand Trails membership worth it?  In

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Thousand Trails Memberships – New vs Resale?

We know a lot about Thousand Trails memberships. As most of you know, we have been members of Thousand Trails (TT) since we hit the road in 2014 with an annual Zone Camping Pass. This worked well for several months until we decided to upgrade to an Elite membership in the fall of September 2014. This is

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Access 110 Encore RV Parks with Trails Collection

Whether you’re already a Thousand Trails (TT) member – with a Zone Pass or one of the upgrade options, you’re going to want to check out the Trails Collection offering by Thousand Trails.  This post will help you consider if it’s worthwhile adding this extension onto your existing membership. The Trails Collection is basically a

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How to get best deal on a Thousand Trails Zone Pass

Every now and then Thousand Trails runs special promo offers on their Camping Zone Pass, but even when they’re not actively showing an offer on their website, you can still probably snag a deal. In this article, we share our tips for how to make a good deal even greater and get more bang for

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Thousand Trails Upgrades: Elite, Platinum, VIP ++

As you may know by now, after five months of being hooked on the benefits of our Thousand Trails Zone Pass, we realized we wanted more! More campgrounds, more options, more flexibility, longer stays and less restrictions! Strange as it sounds, when we started out on our journey, we had no idea that any other Thousand Trails membership options (upgrades) even

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Is a Thousand Trails Zone Pass right for you?

One of the important aspects of planning for our RV lifestyle was putting together our budget. As we live, travel and work full-time from our RV, campgrounds fees had the potential to be one of our biggest monthly expenditures. We wanted to create as much certainty as possible around the financials so we could feel confident about pulling this whole thing off

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