We’re honored to regularly be invited to share our experience and insights on all aspects of the RV lifestyle with the media. From TV to radio, podcasts, leading national newspapers, magazines, blogs, and niche publications. You’ll find links to many of them below. If you are from the media and wish to speak with us, you’ll find our contact details at the bottom of this page. We’d love to help, so please feel free to reach out. 

August 3, 2023: AARP TRAVEL – Ask the RV Experts

In this article, Marc and Julie of RVLove join a handful of other experienced RVers to share our advice and tips with fellow travelers. Learn how to act, what to buy, and where to stay on your RV trip – get the tips here.

July 20, 2023: THE BOSTON GLOBE – Exploring Van life in Southern California, where roughing it feels so good 
Global Correspondent Alex Pulaski shares his experience renting an RV for an iconic road trip along the California Coast. The story features tips shared by RV industry, including Marc Bennett of RVLove. You can read the article here or the PDF version here.

2021: – from the best places to travel to RV gear, how to save money, and avoid the biggest mistakes 
We did a series of interviews with Insider – where we share our tips, advice and recommendations – after traveling to all 50 USA states – 48 of them in an RV.

  • The best places in the US to travel in an RV – Read article
  • Why taking a new RV on a long road trip is a huge mistake – Read article
  • 20 things you should know before traveling in an RV – Read article
  • A couple who traveled to 48 states in an RV share 17 things they would never go on a trip without – Read article
  • How to save money when traveling in an RV – Read article
  • The biggest mistakes beginners make when traveling in an RV, according to RV lifers who visited 50 states – Read article

Find all of our Insider articles rounded up here.

MAY, 2020: LONELY PLANET – Why RVs are the Latest Trend in Travel
As states in the U.S. lift stay-at-home orders, many travelers are setting their sights on summer vacations. However, as they navigate the lingering risks of COVID-19, vacationers are seeking alternatives to plane travel and hotel stays. Some are finding one in RVing. “2020 will be the year of RV travel,” prophesies Julie Bennett, who, along with her husband Marc, are among the more than one million full-time RVers in the U.S. The couple left their Colorado townhome with dog Coda in 2014 and haven’t looked back. “An RV is hands down the best way to stay safe and healthy while you travel, as you have total control over your environment. An RV is your own personal self-isolation unit or quarantine machine,” Julie says. Click here to read the article

MAY 1, 2020: THE NEW YORK TIMES Cover Story (Real Estate) – Sheltering in Place in an RV is not as Fun as it Sounds
With parks shut down and utilities harder to come by, drivers of motor homes are finding themselves trapped in the vehicles meant to liberate them. In the six years since they decided to sell their house and move into a 40-foot motor home, Julie and Marc Bennett have crisscrossed the country and become masters of the R.V. lifestyle — all while “still working and saving for retirement,” as they note on their website, They even wrote a book, “Living the RV Life,” with tips on how to choose the right vehicle, how to get mail and how not to get electrocuted. But even the Bennetts couldn’t have foreseen the challenges of living the mobile life during a global pandemic. “Amidst a challenging time for many R.V.ers, we have had to put our resourcefulness to the test,” Ms. Bennett said. Click here to read the article

APRIL 10, 2020: FODOR’s TRAVEL – This is what a shelter at home order looks like when your home is a van
Full-time RVers and van-lifers, for whom social distancing is a way of life, race to find a safe spot to hunker down. In this article, Marc and Julie Bennett of RVLove share their experience and the challenging questions they have had to ask themselves during the pandemic. Click here to read the article

MARCH 31, 2020: WOODALL’S CAMPGROUND MANAGEMENT – Full-time RVers hunker down as many wait virus out
While campground associations across the country work to have campgrounds and RV parks declared “essential businesses,” snowbirds and full-time RVers are hunkering down wherever they have spent the past few weeks or months. Marc and Julie share their experience and choices, at this unprecedented time. Click here to read the article

Issue 2 is the Digital Nomad edition, and in it, Marc and Julie Bennett of RVLove share how they run our business online remotely, from their RV – what they do and how they do it. Click to visit Rootless Living Magazine and get a free digital subscription


FEBRUARY, 2020: The RV Show USA Nationally syndicated Radio Show on ‘How to RV’
Host by the RV Wingman, Alan Warren, we’ve become regulars on the RV USA Show which airs live every Wednesday night on Facebook and YouTube. Call the RV Show USA anytime and leave a question or message for us, and we’ll do our best to answer on the show! Call 1-330-946-4626 or 1-330-Wingman. Hope to see you on the show! Here are some links to our appearances:
February 2020: Buying an RV
August 2017: On RV travels, the solar eclipse and our online school

JANUARY 2020:  RV ADVISOR PODCAST – The journey to life on the road
The RV Advisor Podcast gives you all the latest information, trends, advice from experts, stories from the road and more. Host Tom Alexander talks to Marc and Julie about how they got started in the RV life, and the journey to get to where they are today. Click here to listen to the podcast – Episode 28

SEPTEMBER 2019: MAGNIFY MONEY – RV Buying Tips: Get the RV of Your Dreams
Ever dream of buying an RV? When shopping for a unit, you’ll need to consider what type of RV suits your needs, how much time you plan to spend in it, whether you want to buy new or used and how to pay for it. This article explains the costs of owning an RV, and how to get the best price. Click here to read the article

SEPTEMBER 2019: CURBED – The Truth About RVs
Not since the years before the Great Recession has the market for recreational vehicles in the U.S. been quite as hot as it is now. But with RV manufacturing quality declining, reporter Andrew Zalecki speaks to several in the industry, including the Bennetts, to try and get to the bottom of the issues. Click here to read the article

SEPTEMBER 2019: THE WALL STREET JOURNAL – An Economic Warning Sign: RV Shipments are Slipping
Elkhart, Ind., is flashing a warning sign about the economy. Capital of the country’s recreational-vehicle industry, the northern Indiana city and the surrounding area are watched by economists and investors for early indications of waning consumer demand for luxury items, often the first sign of economic anxiety. Marc and Julie Bennett of RVLove share their reasons for deciding to buy an older RV and rehab it, to avoid the financial impact of depreciation. Click here to read the article

Mike Wendland of the popular RV Lifestyle podcast interviewed us about some of the topics we cover in our book. We dove into some of the emotional considerations many may not think about when it comes to the full time RV life. We share some strategies for dealing with the transition, and some of the reasons full time RV life may NOT be for you. Click here to listen to the podcast

RVLIFE Magazine is one of the biggest sources of RV news out there, and behind many popular forums such as IRV2. We were thrilled when they reached out with such high praise for our book and wanting to promote it across their networks of 650,000+ RVers. Click here to read their article/review of our book “Living the RV Life – Your Ultimate Guide to Life on the Road”

Voyage Denver Magazine seeks out inspiring stories from locals, providing a platform to share on a deeper and more personal level, that you don’t normally come across in big cities. So we’re honored to have been invited to share our story, the ups and downs of our journey. Click here to read our story

We’re up with Travis Sherry, travel hacking expert and host of the Extra Pack of Peanuts podcast. In the podcast, we share how we chose RVing over other travel options, our most difficult changes, favorite places and events, common mistakes, the cost of RVing, tips and tricks, how to save money, and some travel mishaps. Click to listen to the episode

In this series of podcast interviews, we cover a range of topics – from the affordability of the RV life no matter your financial situation, to working from home (the RV), taking pets, RV renovations, using maps, towing a vehicle and the different kinds of RVs, along with some RV buying tips. Click the links below to listen to the episodes:
Your RV Buyer’s Guide
Living the RV Life – Part 2
Your RV Buyer’s Guide

FEBRUARY 2019: PEAK SEASON BLOG – 10 Seasonal Jobs That Provide RV Parking
So you’ve decided to join RV Life, and may be you’re wondering… How can you earn money living in an RV? And where and how you can park your RV? In this article, Peak Season shares their top 10 seasonal jobs that offer RV parking, plus industries for you to discover more seasonal opportunities. Marc and Julie of RVLove share their best tips and advice for finding a work camping gig. Click here for the article

Dreaming of living full time in an RV? A new book provides real-world guidance. Full-time RVers Marc and Julie Bennett have made it their mission to help others transition to life on the road. Founders of RV Love website and RV Success School, the energetic and enterprising couple recently published a 256-page guide to working and traveling in an RV. Living the RV Life – Your Ultimate Guide to Life on the Road provides practical tips, real-world motivation and profiles of dozens of people who have found happiness on wheels. Click here to read the article


In Episode 50, Marc and Julie talk about the Florida RV Supershow and camping on site, their rig and the “Ultimate RV Makeover”, their new book, Living the RV Life, most memorable trips, and some of best stories from the road. Click to listen to the podcast

MARCH 2019: NOMADICMATT.COM – How to Live and Travel Full-time by RV
Over the past few years, there has been an explosion of people giving up the daily grind to live and travel in vans, RVs, and other nontraditional abodes. While traveling in an RV has been something people have been doing for decades, new sharing economy websites, better resources online, more modern vans, and a growing community that can provide support have made it easier for anyone to travel full-time in an RV. Marc and Julie share RV travel tips on how you can live the RV life too. Click to read the article

As part of our Living the RV Life book tour, we appeared on several iHeart Radio stations, sharing what it’s like to live in an RV, and how you can hit the road in an RV too. We joined Ted Garcia and LdDona Harvey on San Diego’s Morning News at KOGO San Diego, CA. KOA in Denver, CO with April Zesbaugh, and Megan Bishop of WOAI in San Antonio, TX.  

In a whirlwind morning, we joined several Fox News Radio Hosts across the country, for morning drive time segments, including WDUN in Atlanta with Bill and Joel, WFLA in Tampa, FL, WILS in Lansing, MI, KPNW in Eugene, OR, and KWNW in Seattle.

In this podcast with Jason Moore, we discuss how to go from traditional living to nomadic road warriors, what it’s like to work on the road as a couple, one thing you can do as nomads to minimize your taxes, how to get your mail while living on the road (full-time), how much the nomadic life really costs, and much more. Click to listen to the podcast

In this travel news podcast hosted by Gary Arndt, Jen Leo and Chris Christensen, guests Marc Bennett and Julie Bennett from talk about full time RV living, including: how they kept a job while living in a camper; how to stay connected; how to communicate and deal with living so close to your partner; where you can stay in the USA; figuring out travel style and pace. It’s different if you are retired vs working for instance. Click to listen to the podcast – our interview starts at 28:53 after the news.

This week, morning host Scott Sloan is joined by Marc and Julie Bennett, authors of Living the RV Life , who talk about what it’s like to live and travel in an RV. Click to listen to the show

Hosts Jeremy and Stephanie Puglisi are joined by Marc and Julie Bennett, to dive into the fabulous and somewhat mysterious world of boondocking. You have probably seen those Instagram pictures of RVs set up in the middle of nowhere without any other campers in sight. And you might have wondered…how does this whole boondocking thing work? Marc and Julie boondock often without all the fancy bells and whistles like solar technology. And they are here to walk us through the basics, as they share 10 affordable, easy tips for finding your own boondocking bliss. Click to listen to the podcast

Host Traveling Robert welcomes Julie and Marc Bennett onto his YouTube show and podcast, to learn more about their new book “Living the RV Life – Your Ultimate Guide to Life on the Road” and how it helps people learn all about the RV lifestyle and understand what they need to know before hitting the road in an RV. Click to listen to the episode

Meggan Kaiser is the host of Everywhere for Nothing – Free Travel for the Modern Nomad – podcast. In our conversation over episodes, we discuss life on the road, common misconceptions and the how-tos of RV living, entrepreneurship, growing your travel brand, keys to success, techniques for life design, and SO MUCH more!  Click to listen to the episode

JANUARY 2018: YUMA, AZ TV KYMA/KECY/FOX9 NEWS – RVLove shares life on the road
We made the TV news in Yuma! Here’s an excerpt “A couple is sharing their lifestyle by living and traveling in an RV around the nation while staying employed. Marc and Julie Bennett have spent the last four years visiting all 50 states, exploring national and state parks, even stopping at the desert in Yuma while working remotely under retirement.” Click to watch the news clip

JANUARY 2018: RV Business Magazine – RVing YouTube Celebs Unite for Documentary Film
The dramatic rise in the popularity of RVing is about to get the Hollywood treatment. “RV Nomads – The Motion Picture,” a feature-length cinematic documentary film that explores the full-time RV movement as a cultural shift happening across America, is currently in production by Square House Creative and Nomadic Life Films. To learn more about how Marc and Julie are involved with the RV Nomads movie and Epic Nomads TV. Click to read the full article

NOVEMBER 2017: FMCA Family Motorcoaching Magazine
A couple’s desire to teach others how to enjoy on the road living has given them near-celebrity status on the internet and in social media. Associate Editor of FMCA Magazine, John Johnston interviews Marc and Julie Bennett are carving a niche as motorhomers who educate and inspire others. If you subscribe to FMCA magazine, you can log in to view the digital copy of the entire magazine from the website and/or even if you’re not a member you can simply click to read the article here

SEPTEMBER 24, 2017: Fox 8
This week Celebrity RV YouTube couple RVLove prove that extensive travel while working full-time is possible, fueling the mainstream interest in nomadic lifestyles. The Bennetts celebrate their 50 USA States milestone with more than 30,000 social media followers arriving into Alaska after 39 months living on the road.

JULY 2017: RV Entrepreneur Podcast – Freedom on the Road: The More You Have The More You Want
In this interview, host Heath Padgett asks us about our life and work on the road, including: how to transition an office job into remote work; travel and work-life balance while growing projects; building an online business from our RV; the decisions you make when you start the RV life and how to learn the basics of RVing through RV Success School. Click to listen

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