Diesel Fuel Discounts – Save Money with This Fuel Discount Card

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Fuel is one of the biggest expenses for RV road trippers. Filling up at gas stations can be a pain in the wallet, especially when you travel a lot of miles or drive a big motorhome, as we have. But we’ve found a diesel fuel discount program that has been saving us an average of over $50 on every fill. We’re thrilled! Here’s how you can get one and start saving big, too.

We learned about the Open Roads TSD/EFS Fuel card in August 2019 and decided to try it ourselves. We applied for the card online (for free), received it a couple of weeks later, and put it to the test in September.

Over our first 12 days, we drove our RV over 1,500 miles from Oregon to Washington and through Nevada on our way to southern California. Filling our RV with diesel fuel, using our Discount Fuel Card, along the way. 

Update 2024: Our savings have continued to be excellent for years now. And we recently learned that this program saved RVers over $55 Million dollars in fuel in their first four years.

The Result?

Our Open Roads discount fuel card through the TSD Logistics Fuel Program has saved us over 50 cents per gallon of diesel fuel, on average. 

So, finding a diesel discount is very important to us. We tested the program filling our motorhome at three locations in the first two weeks, and saved more than $135. What we had initially thought was a program that sounded ‘too good to be true’ IS true after all… and we love it!

Update 2024: We still love this card years later and have sometimes saved as much as a dollar per gallon. Many others have thanked us for sharing as they love their card too.

Ready to learn more? Yeah, we thought so! Let’s dive in.

P.S. Have you Already seen the video and are ready to apply?

Click here to apply online for your discount card (for free) today.

What is the diesel discount fuel card program?

This fuel card program offers amazing diesel fuel discounts to anyone who purchases diesel fuel regularly. Whether you are an RVer with a diesel motorhome or own a diesel truck, you can apply for this program and start saving big on your fuel bills. If you have a gasoline-powered RV, you will probably want to use the Gas Buddy app to find the best gasoline prices in your area.

Who runs this fuel discount program?

The company behind it is Open Roads / TSD Logistics, a bulk-freight transport-trucking company based in Texarkana, Texas. They have a fleet of 115 trucks and a fleet card program. Their drivers use their EFS discount fuel cards to get discounted diesel fuel prices at the pump. 

A few years ago, TSD Logistics expanded its diesel fuel cards and program beyond its relatively small fleet of truck drivers to create a fuel program for RVers that use diesel fuel. This means we can get discounted diesel fuel prices like professional truckers do. It is fantastic for a full-time RVer, or anyone who spends a lot on diesel fuel.

As you might imagine, the higher the fuel volume TSD Logistics purchases, the bigger the discounts their company can negotiate on fuel prices. By expanding their fleet fuel cards to include RVers, they are able to purchase more fuel without increasing the number of actual trucks and drivers for their own company.

Small fleets get better discounts than individual drivers, and big fleets get the best fuel prices. Getting the best fuel rates and discounts helps everyone in the program.

How Do Open Roads Make Their Money?

How Open Roads / TSD Logistics makes their money from this program is by keeping 10% of the savings per gallon their customers get when buying discounted fuel using their EFS card. So if the retail cost is $3.00 per gallon and our cost is $2.50 per gallon, the fee will be 5 cents per gallon. If they don’t have a discount at the location, there is a small transaction fee. But we use the mobile app to find the best discounts, so the discounts cover transaction fees. There are no discounts on DEF, but it is still nice to be able to fill your DEF tank at the pump.

Of course, TSD Logistics also benefits as the increased fuel volume on their account will enable them to negotiate better fuel prices for their existing fleet of trucks and everyone else in the new program for RVers.

WEX Worldwide runs the EFS fuel discount card program, a global payment solutions provider and one of the biggest fuel card companies. They offer fuel cards and fuel management services to large fleets, government fleets, and small businesses. Open Roads / TSD Logistics is a client of EFS/WEX. And we are customers of TSD Logistics. More about the TSD Logistics / EFS Fuel Card Program for RVers from the company website here.

How does the diesel fuel discount program work?

  • You apply for your discount fuel card online. Once approved, Open Roads / TSD Logistics mails you an EFS card with a letter to walk you through the activation steps.

  • You download the app on your smartphone, and connect it with your card.

  • Use the app’s Price Locator feature to find fuel stops along your route. These are shown as location pins in black or green. Green pins indicate the best fuel price in your selected map area.

  • You pull into the truck line in the back of the store and insert your EFS card into the fuel pump.

  • A prompt may ask for specific information that verifies you as the owner. You enter the correct information and pump your diesel fuel.

  • The transaction appears in your Open Roads app, showing the number of gallons, the price per gallon charged, and the total discount received. Remember that Open Roads / TSD Logistics will retain 10% of this discount.

  • The next day Open Roads / TSD Logistics will draft the money from your bank account. You will receive an email showing you the transaction details and fees.

Note: The NEW app is called the Open Roads app. Download here from Google Play and download here from Apple App store

So how much is our diesel fuel discount card saving us?

Why is this program such a big deal?

Fuel discounts with this program are far beyond what we have seen in a decade of RVing. Another common fuel discount card we see is the Good Sam membership card which offers fuel discounts between $0.03 to $0.10 cents per gallon. Not much better than the cash price. And while that’s better than nothing, we never found it worth getting too excited about, especially as fuel prices can be inflated at the locations where those programs apply. 

However, all that changed when we applied for and started using our new Open Roads TSD diesel fuel discount card program. There are other diesel fuel programs and apps to save money at the pump, like Gas Buddy and Mud Flap. But nothing has saved us anywhere close to our Open Roads diesel fuel discount card.

Plus, using the truck lanes allows much easier access for big rig RVs, and the pumps are much faster. If you have ever tried maneuvering a big motorhome towing a car, or a 5th wheel around a small gas station, you know how important this is. We used to use Google Maps to view locations in advance, but we know it will be easy to fit into the truck lanes at truck stops with our big rig RV.

Saving big on diesel fuel costs

We used our EFS fuel card three times when originally writing this post in September 2019. But we have used this card a ton since then.

When you drive a big diesel motorhome or tow a big fifth wheel, you will likely only get single-digit fuel economy. So, the savings can really add up.

Here’s a detailed summary of what we saved on our first few fills. 

Fill #1: Love's travel stop, Troutdale, Oregon

September 3: On our first fill, we saved over $55 on 73.04 gallons of diesel fuel. The price shown at the pump was $3.149 per gallon. We used our fuel card and were charged a discounted price of just $2.298 per gallon. Saving a whopping $0.851 per gallon. That works out to be a discount of about 27%. 

As Open Roads / TSD Logistics charges 10% of the cost saving per gallon – in this case, $0.085 per gallon – they kept $6.21. Meanwhile, we saved $55.94. On 73 gallons. Pretty amazing, huh?

Fill #2: Love's at Fernley, Nevada

September 13: Just ten days later, we pumped 89.28 gallons into our tank for a pump total of $245.66. This was actually made up of two consecutive transactions, as we accidentally bumped the fuel nozzle holder with the camera, which stopped the flow. So we had to start over. 

We also selected the cash advance option for $100 the second time. Our pump price showed $3.349, and we were charged $2.752 per gallon. As you will see in the receipt/app screenshot below. This is a discount of $0.597 per gallon. 

So our total fuel savings that day came to $53.35. Subtract the 10% fee of $0.597/gal = $5.33 for TSD Logistics. This meant we netted a savings of $48.02 for 89.28 gallons.

Not quite as much as we saved on our first fill, but still… very impressive!

Fill #3: TA in Las Vegas, Nevada

September 15: Two days later, we still had half a fuel tank on board in the RV. However, upon checking the app for fuel prices along our route, we noticed a huge jump in the price per gallon in California. Over a dollar per gallon more, in some cases. We decided to top off the fuel in the motorhome in Nevada to avoid the higher California fuel prices.

This time we filled at a TA fuel station. The price at the pump was $3.359, but we ended up paying $2.752. Total savings on this fill were about $0.607 per gallon.  After subtracting the 10% admin fee, we had a net savings of $0.5463 per gallon. Which means we saved $30.58 on just 55.91 gallons of fuel. That would have saved $60 on a full tank.

Total fuel discount from our first 3 fills

In the first two weeks, with just three fills (218 gallons of diesel fuel), we saved a net total of $133.50. That is an average savings of $0.61 cents per gallon compared to the pump’s higher price.

Keep in mind that prices will vary. When talking to the folks at Open Roads / TSD Logistics, they indicated the average savings are closer to 30-40 cents per gallon. But in exploring the app, we have seen variances up a dollar or more per gallon. 

Update 2024: Over the years, we have saved more than a dollar per gallon on some fills. It has saved us a ton on our bottom line fuel expenses, and we think the Open Roads program is unquestionably the best diesel fuel discount program.

How the discount fuel card works

When purchasing fuel, most in-network discount locations allow current members to use the card at the pump. Some may ask for additional identifying codes or ID – such as your unit number, driver name, or zip code.  Other fuel stations may require you to go inside to pay with the fuel discount card (especially in Oregon).  

You may also be able to make other purchases, like DEF and other RV/truck-related products and services, like tires and vehicle weigh-in. Remember, though it is convenient to make additional purchases using your EFS or TSD card, discounts are usually only available on diesel fuel.

At the time of the purchase, the pump will be counting up at the regular pump price. The fuel discount will not show at the pump when fueling. After your purchase is completed, TSD Logistics processes the payment. The discounts will soon show up in the app on your smartphone. Often showing within a couple of hours of purchase. 

The next business day, payment will come directly from your bank account, like a debit card. Regardless of where you fill, the debit will be from TSD logistics. You will also receive an email confirming the purchase and showing you the discount received. The emails have detailed spreadsheets attached.

Keep in mind when looking in the app, it is showing the gross discount on fuel. The actual saving will be 90% of what you see, as TSD logistics keeps 10% of the cost saving per gallon.

Where can you use the diesel fuel discount card?

You can use the EFS fleet fuel rewards card at more than 16,000 truck stop locations across the United States. The most common ones are major chains like TA, Petro, Love’s Travel Stops, Love’s Travel Centers, etc. Note that while you can use the card throughout the fuel network of 16,000+ locations, not all of them offer the most attractive discount rates.

Open Roads / TDS Logistics has negotiated the BEST rates from TA Petro and Love’s Travel Stops.

Unfortunately, Pilot Flying J locations are not currently part of this program. So you won’t receive discounts at those locations.

Note: Love’s Travel Stops had the best prices when we started the program. However, currently, TA Petro does. Prices and contracts can change at any time without notice. So check the Open Roads app for the best prices as you travel.

We like to use the price locator function of the smartphone app. It is a great way to find all available discounted diesel fuel stations on our route and even highlights the best price. You will find more information about the app a little further down in this post.

Additional options

When paying at the pump, there will be additional options on the screen that you might not be used to. The most notable is that you must select ‘tractor’ for the vehicle type.  Other options in the menu will include if you want to purchase additional products or services like diesel exhaust fluid at the pump.  

You can also get additional perks if you carry trucker loyalty cards. Major truck stop chains like Love’s have cards that can earn rewards like free coffee, showers, or other perks. Just scan that card at the pump when making your diesel fuel purchase to earn points.

What type of fuel do truck stops have?

The diesel fuel discount card is only available for diesel fuel in the truck lanes, not the fuel in the ‘front’ of the gas station intended for regular cars or RVs. The truck lanes offer diesel fuel and diesel exhaust fluid. We often see #2 diesel at the pump. However, some fuel stations only offer BioDiesel. Biodiesel ranges from B6 to B20. Pay attention to the fuel type if your vehicle requires special fuel.

For example, we traveled for a while in a Mercedes chassis class C RV. That RV could not accept BioDiesel higher than B6 and was recommended to only fill with #2 or auto diesel. So we needed to plan our routes and check the type of fuel offered at stations in advance. Most truck stops list the type of fuel offered on their websites.

What does the diesel fuel discount program cost?

It is free to apply for the card. There are no long-term contracts to sign, signup fees, annual fees, membership fees, or hidden fees. If you choose not to use the program longer, simply stop using the card. It’s that simple. 

Open Roads / TSD Logistics only charges a fee of 10% of the fuel discount per gallon given by the fuel vendor to the card when purchasing diesel fuel. 

For Example: If the fuel saving is $0.50 per gallon, TSD will keep 5 cents per gallon, and your net saving will be $0.45 per gallon. We have seen seriously great discounts, and we believe it is the best fit for people serious about saving money on fuel costs.

Some fuel locations may charge a small additional fee, most commonly if the location is not part of the Open Roads network or other diesel fuel discount programs.

How much will you save on diesel fuel?

It depends. Fuel savings per gallon vary across locations around the country. Just crossing a state border might get you significantly cheaper fuel. According to Open Roads, the average cost saving is about 30-40 cents per gallon off of the regular price. But as you saw in our example above, we personally enjoyed discounts as high as $0.85 per gallon (gross) in our first few fills.  

Use the mobile app to plan your fuel stops at the best-priced fuel stations along your route. The green geo pin on the app map makes it easy to spot these locations.

Of course, the more you drive and the more fuel you purchase, the greater your total savings will be. We spend many thousands of dollars every year on fuel. So, we anticipate saving over $1,000 per year on fuel thanks to this discount fuel card.

How do you pay for your discount fuel and purchases?

Use your diesel fuel discount card at the location where you are filling your RV or truck. You must pay for fuel (and other) purchases, like diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), with the actual EFS card to receive the fuel discount.

You can’t simply present the card to receive a discount and then place the purchase on a credit card. When using the EFS card, the amount you owe will be automatically debited from your bank account the next business day after your diesel fuel purchase. You can keep track of your transactions via the app.


  • Significant savings on diesel fuel purchases

  • Can charge additional purchases to card (DEF, propane, tires, scales, showers (note: these extra purchases may not be discounted)
  • Available at over 16,000 locations in North America

  • The app offers route planning and shows the deepest discount in the area

  • Using the truck lanes is much easier for big rig RVs like fifth wheels and large motorhomes towing cars


  • Not available at all fuel locations

  • Not available for gasoline purchases (only diesel)

  • Some vehicles cannot accept the larger fuel nozzle or fuel type in the truck lanes, and discounts are only available if filling in truck lanes (not auto lanes, even at truck stops)

  • You have to provide your bank account details and social security card number to TSD Logistics to set it up

What's the catch?

There isn’t one. You apply for a card, start using it, and save on diesel fuel!

Seriously though. We understand that the biggest reservation for most folks will be the idea of having to hand over your bank account details and social security number to the company. While this is obviously sensitive information, keep this in mind. Open Roads / TSD Logistics is basically providing you with a credit line via their EFS Corporate Fleet account.

They make the initial payment for the fuel at the truck stop location (and any other charges on your statement). Their company needs to recoup that from you by debiting from your bank account. TSD’s Accounting Controller explained that a social security number was required in case they needed to pursue an unpaid account via collections. 

We did our homework on the company first. In our research, we discovered that TSD Logistics was established as a family business in 1980. So they have been around for over 40 years. They are a highly respected bulk transport provider known as the tire and rubber industry’s most trusted carrier of raw materials, including carbon black. 

TSD Logistics is a values-based business with a focus on quality. Their clients include Michelin, Goodyear, and Firestone. We also found they have 4.3-star ratings on Google and a 4-star rating by employees (past/present) on Glassdoor.

We have been using our diesel fuel discount card for over four years and remain very happy with it – and our fuel savings!

Who can apply for the fuel discount card?

The Open Roads / TSD fuel card program is open to anyone with a diesel-powered vehicle (RV and/or truck) that can fill up in the truck lanes at the big truck stops.

And it’s available to anyone with a United States bank account with US currency. So the program is open to United States and Canadian residents alike, as long as you have a United States bank account with a US Bank 9-digit Routing Number. The bank account must allow for ACH withdrawals from a US-based Company. These are the requirements for the TSD fuel program.

How to sign up and start saving on diesel fuel

Ready to sign up for your discount card? Click here to apply online

It only takes a few minutes to complete the Open Roads / TSD Logistics simple, online fuel card application with your information on a secure platform. Here’s what you will need to provide:

Personal Information. You will be asked to provide your personal information, such as name, social security number, address, email, and phone number.

Processing and shipping. You will be asked to nominate your preferred method. Regular processing and shipping of the card is free.

Priority processing. This is $20 and guarantees your card will be mailed (regular) within 48 hours.

Expedited overnight shipping. This option costs $50 and also requires 48-hour priority processing, which costs an extra $20. So if you’re in a hurry, be prepared to pay $70!

Bank details. The form will ask for your bank name, account number, routing number, and account type.  

Authorization. Finally, you will electronically sign the form in the signature box (or type your name beside) to authorize TSD Logistics direct debit from your bank account for purchases. Here is the authority:

“I authorize TSD to Electronically debit by account. And I understand the authorization will remain in full force and effect until I notify TSD Company in writing that I revoke this authorization. I understand TSD requires at least 14 days prior to notice in order to cancel this authorization.”

Submit Application. When you submit the form, you will get this message on the web page: “Thank you for applying for our fuel program. You should receive an invitation email to download our app soon.”

Referred by. You no longer need to type in who referred you (us, RVLove) on the form, as they created a special online application form that automatically adds that for anyone who applies for the program via our content.

What’s Next?

Next, you will receive an email from Open Roads / TSD Logistics with the subject header “User Confirmation Requested,” asking you to confirm your email address by clicking the link provided within 12 hours of receipt. 

Once your application has been approved, they will mail your fleet fuel card with discounts, along with a letter with instructions to complete the setup of your account and PIN number. This information will be important when you download the app.

Next, download the TSD Open Roads app and integrate it with your card, so you can start exploring fuel prices and filling your tank. Lastly, start using the card and see the savings add up!

You can choose regular processing and shipping or expedite with overnight – for a fee!

How long does it take to get the diesel fuel discount card?

Completing the online application is very fast – just a couple of minutes. Once submitted online, applications are typically processed within 7-14 days. However, due to the popularity of the program and the current volume of applications in the queue, we have been advised by TSD Logistics that processing can take up to 3 weeks.

Expedited processing is available at an additional charge. To have your application moved toward the front of the line, there is a $20 fee to process it in 48 hours.  Once processed, you could also choose to pay an additional $50 + the cost of overnight shipping to have your card as fast as possible. Typically the card is sent out via regular mail.

Ready to sign up for your discount card? Click here to apply online

Get the Open Roads Mobile App

Download the free app, Open Roads App, on your smartphone for 24-hour access to the latest fuel prices and your card’s activity. Enter your card number and pin. This phone app will keep track of all of your EFS charges and show you estimated prices after a discount for all locations close to you that accept EFS.

Follow the setup instructions to connect your new EFS fuel card account with the app. If you have any issues, call the EFS customer service number on the letter. We found them very helpful and accommodating in completing the setup and getting started using the app.

This mobile app allows you to track all of your transactions. Remember that fuel discounts shown in the app are the gross fuel discounts. You will receive 90% of that discount on fuel after TSD Logistics retains its 10%.

The app also has a handy price locator function. This provides you with their rates at any location along your route, so you can plan your fills in advance and maximize your savings.

RVLove partners with TSD Logistics fuel discount card

After discovering this discount fuel program and having successful experiences, we contacted Open Roads / TSD Logistics to ask if we could share this program and its benefits with our RVLOVE community. 

We wanted to help educate you – our fellow RVers – about the program so you can save big money at the pump, too. They were thrilled and said YES. So we are delighted to confirm we are now partnered with TSD Logistics in helping to make this program available to you.

Simply use this link to apply for your fuel discount card, and it automatically shows RVLOVE in the “Referred By” field. This doesn’t cost you any extra, and they send us a $25 fuel credit once you buy at least 500 gallons of fuel. It’s an easy way to say “thanks” for finding and sharing this huge cost savings opportunity with you, and it doesn’t cost you anything extra.

Are you ready to start saving on diesel fuel?

We hope you found this blog post and video helpful. If you have any questions, please let us know, so we can get the answers for you and share them with others. This diesel fuel discount program has been fantastic for us, and we are excited to help you save money with it too. After all, the more folks we get into the program, the more we ALL save, thanks to even better negotiated and deeper discounted fuel prices in the future.

Want to learn about how we also save big on our campground expenses? We have a ton of useful information for you. We’ve saved well over $10,000 on camping fees over the years, thanks to our Thousand Trails camping membership. Click here to learn more and start saving on your camping.

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108 thoughts on “Diesel Fuel Discounts – Save Money with This Fuel Discount Card”

  1. What a cool program, nice article about it. We wish we knew about this when we were filling our 180 Gallon tank on the Foretravel! We really never put more than 100 gallons in at a time, but wow what a savings. Now that we’ve downsized to a Winnebago Revel we don’t use the fast fill pumps, and out tank is small…Thanks again

    • Thank you. Yes, we love this program. It has saved us a LOT of money over the years. As you mentioned, it is especially valuable with the big rigs, but we often used it with our Mercedes chassis RV too, when the station had #2 diesel instead of BioDiesel. Enjoy your Revel and save travels.

  2. We tried EFS. We have a diesel pickup pulling a trailer. We can get the discount but it takes FOREVER to pump the fuel into our 24 gal tank. We had high hopes for this program but found that the savings aren’t worth the time we have to invest pimping the fuel. We can accept the pump without an adapter but the smaller pump vapor locks. I’d love to hear a work around if anyone has one.

    • Hello Alice, I am very confused by your comment. The truck lanes have vastly faster pumps than most any automotive diesel lanes. When filling our small Class C Mercedes chassis RV I just use a quarter of the potential volume of the pump to avoid filling too fast for the small 24 gallon tank like your trucks. When we had our Class A coach with 110 gallon tank we could use more of the truck lane pump potential volume. So, slow speed of fill seems a very strange challenge.The only time related challenge we have is if the truck lanes are all busy and we need to wait for multiple semi trucks ahead of us. But, we love the discounts we get so it is usually worth the wait.

      • Hi Marc,

        You said, “When filling our small Class C Mercedes chassis RV I just use a quarter of the potential volume of the pump to avoid filling too fast for the small 24 gallon tank like your trucks.”

        How do you do that without spilling. We have a Class C Mercedes as well and the fuel tank filler neck is smaller than the big nozzle on the high-flow fuel pump. Do you have a technique that you uses that allows you to fuel up your Mercedes using the high-flow nozzles without spilling fuel?

        Thanks, Stuart

        • The high flow truck lane pump nozzles fit right into the fuel neck of our Mercedes chassis RV. Ours is a 2017. I had bought a funnel just in case the nozzle wouldn’t fit, but have never found apump that didn’t fit in our RV. Maybe your opening is smaller and a funnel would work for you. -M

  3. Is this program still your go to for fuel, or have you switched to something else?
    I’m curious if the discounts are holding up with current fuel pricing so high.
    Also I was wondering if you compared this to the Sam’s Club Credit card program that gives you 5% cash back at any gas station that you fill up at?

    • Yes it is still our go-to for diesel fuel. We love it. In fact, we just saved 80c per gallon this week at a TA Petro location in Colorado! There, we saved $14.94 on a $95.14 fill. We don’t have Sam’s Club – but their 5% discount would have saved us $4.75 on the same fill, so about a third of what we saved with the fuel discount card. Note that discounts do vary on location/chain etc, and 80c per gallon is on the higher side, but saving 25-30 cents per gallon is easy to achieve with this program. We also have a Chase Sapphire credit card that we use for other purchases – eg. fuel (for our Jeep, or if we can’t fill the RV at a truck stop), campgrounds etc, as we earn 2 points for every dollar spent, and can use that in a variety of ways eg. free air travel, rental cars, hotels, or redeem for cash back/payments off statements etc. It is free to apply for the TSD Logistics fuel discount card – and you don’t have to use it all the time, just when you see their discounts are higher, you could use the Sam’s Club card for other fuel purchases if that ended up being better for a particular gas station. Hope that helps!

  4. The last (and only) time I tried to use the EFS card in Oregon not only did I NOT get a discount I was charged extra for using the card. I notice one of the examples you show is Troutdale OR. Have they resolved the PUC issue and can we now use the EFS card and get the Diesel prices shown on their “price locator” app?

    • Hi Hal, the PUC issue is an Oregon-related thing, as we understand it, and it’s definitely a bit confusing! Sounds like you used the card at a location that is part of the EFS network but does NOT offer a discount (not all locations do). Did you check the app first? That’s always the best way to check on prices before selecting a location. If you fill at one of the stops that does NOT offer a discount, yes, a small charge applies. Also, since we made the original post / video, TDS contracts with fuel providers has changed – at this moment, TA/Petro now offers much better rates than Love’s. But this could always change in the future. Recommend you join the Facebook group for TSD Logistics as they share the latest info and updates there and you can also contact their directly via email for the most accurate answers to specific questions. Here are a couple of email addresses where you can get support / help from TSD Logistics:

      Customer Support Email:
      [email protected] (general)
      [email protected] (Tara)

      Hope this helps!

  5. Their phone line and customer support is nonfunctional. I have some issue, and tried to call them every day for a week, several times a day. Getting message “unfortunately, we are not available now… Please leave a message, … we will call you back”. They never did, and issue still not resolved. I cannot use this card now.

  6. Do you have a fuel stop locator map for computers and if not why? Looking at a small cell phone screen might work for some but I use a computer and BIG screen!

  7. Just received my fuel card from EFS and all went well. However when I read on the instructions it listed the truck stops and also said Love’s for example would only be giving sixteen cents per gallon and the others were less. This is a lot less than you were sharing. Do you know what is going on?

    • Yes – they negotiated new contracts with TA-Petro and the rates are MUCh better than Love’s now! Thanks for the reminder, I need to update the blog post. But know that their contracts, negotiations and discounts can change without notice…that’s why we always check the app for the best price as that can change depending on where you are. It USED to be Love’s but now we find TA-Petro prices to be much better.

  8. Schedule A Section 2.1 ……customer warrants a) it is a governmental, non-profit or commercial business enterprise…..

    How does that clause relate to a retired citizen driving an RV around the country?

    Do I really need to pretend I am a business or lie to get the card?

    • This is the first we have seen or hear of this – can you send us a link to this Schedule A Section 2.1? By signing up as an RVer, you are perhaps agreeing you are part of the TSD Logistics FLEET which is how you are able to get access to their corporate rates that they negotiate for their truckers. There is no need to be a business or lie at all. We did not see that schedule /section when we applied. Wondering if “customer” relates to TSD and not you – is it an EFS or TSD schedule you are looking at? TSD is a customer of EFS which issues the cards. Does that help or answer your question? You can also contact TSD logistics directly to get their response / confirmation.

  9. Great video guys… much appreciated.
    Please be careful especially Pilot stations… they sell Biodiesel… not Diesel #2.
    Our vehicle is Mercedes so I checked and biodiesel voids the warranty!!!!!
    Please check if your truck is ok with biodiesel… it could cost you an engine if not….

    • Great point – thank you for sharing! Also Pilot and Flying J are no longer part of the TDS discount program, so we tend to fill at Love’s, TA Petro etc most of the time. Wishing you all the best!

      • Can you still go to Pilot and Flying J and get some discount or none at all? I understood any place that excepts the efs card works. Is that not right?

        • Hello Barry,
          Our understanding is that there is no discount at all at Pilot and Flying J. From what we understand there was an agreement with Good Sam that prevents the TSD version of the EFS card from having discounts at Pilot and Flying J. Other EFS cards for truckers might work, but not the one through TSD. But… even though currently, the best discounts have been through TA/Petro, we still sometimes fill at Loves or other fuel stations even though the discount is less. It might still work at a Pilot Flying J without a discount, but if you are not getting a discount, there isn’t much point in using the EFS card.

  10. If you did not put in the comments that you wanted two cards when you submitted your application for the card. How are you able to get two cards sent?

  11. Can you elaborate on the large nozzle? We have a 2018 Ram 1500 eco diesel. Would we see/expect problems.


    • I am not 100% sure of the exact diameter of the nozzles in the truck lanes, but will try to remember to measure next time. They are definitely larger than the diesel nozzles in the regular car lanes. I regularly see Ford, GM and Dodge trucks in the truck lanes, so I am pretty confident that you can make it work. But maybe those folks have aftermarket fuel tanks in the bed of the truck they are filling. Your best bet would be to swing by a major truck stop next time you drive by and test it. But thanks again for the reminder. I will try to remember to put a tape measure on the nozzle next time I fill.

  12. Does the price shown in the app include the discount price? Because truck stops are usually a lot more expensive than other stations. If it doesn’t show the discounted price, will be tough to know where my best deal is, especially if they are taking out 10% of the discount.

    Can’t wait to pull up in the truck lanes with my BMW 535d diesel sedan. Should get lots of questions. But 800-850 miles per tank, so I don’t fill up a lot!

    • I believe the app shows near the best price, but it seems that sometimes we end up paying less than what was shown on the app. Since we know that TA stations and Love’s stations generally have the best discounts for this card right now, we just choose to fill at either a Love’s or TA wherever it makes the most sense on our route. Yes, truck stops usually have a higher advertised pump price than some smaller stations. But when you drive a big rig, we almost always prefer to fill at truck stops anyway. So the savings are big for us. If you plan to fill your BMW remember that the truck lane fuel nozzles might be a bit big for your passenger car. Also, truck stops often run a higher biodiesel content than some passenger vehicles allow. This program isn’t really meant for cars, but if your car can accept the type of fuel and the nozzle size, you might still save some money.

  13. Applied for diesel card and the link for the web site said it was no longer in use and sent us to another website that asked foe our ss# and bank info. Now not sure your web site info was not hijacked to another link. Very leary we just got hijacked also. Please check to see if it is legit. Thanks

    • Thank you for bringing this to our attention! It appears they have changed the process for applying. I found another application link. But am awaiting verification from the Financial Controller at the company first before sharing, as obviously it requires personal and sensitive information, and want to verify authenticity before updating our post and sharing new link with you here. Stand by! We love the card and it saves us on average 50c/ gallon at Love’s Travel Stops! Will get back to you here as soon as I get a reply from the Financial Controller.

      • BTW, if you’re leery about giving TDS access to your checking account, my bank allowed me to set up a second bank account for free. I didn’t get any checks or a credit/debit card for this account. It’s my new fuel account and that’s the account number I gave to TDS.

        After I fuel, I transfer money from my checking account into my fuel account via my bank’s app on my phone. I’ll transfer just enough to cover the fuel purchase.

        The bank (US Bank) wants me to keep at least $25 in this account at all times, which is easy. Check with your bank and see if you can open a second account for fueling. My second account was free because I’m one of those senior-type people. LOL!

        • Yes Will this is a great idea to further protect your bank account. We have never had any issues, but think your suggestion is a wise one. Hope you enjoy the savings from the card!

    • Hi Julie, I followed up by testing this link myself and received an email confirmation from TDS Logistics, so here is their new link for applying for the discount fuel card (powered by McLeod Software): https://tsdv.loadtracking.com:8443/im/fuelcardapp – just complete all the info they ask (and mention us as the Referrer) and you should receive your card pretty quickly. If you want two cards, ask for it at the time of applying. I just updated our blog post with the correct new application links. Good luck! And enjoy the savings!

    • Just wanted to update on the application below. I did receive my card today and the website that they tell you to go to is good. Happy fueling and saving! Thanks

    • Thank you for bringing this to our attention! It appears they have changed the process for applying. I found another application link. But am awaiting verification from the Financial Controller at the company first before sharing, as obviously it requires personal and sensitive information, and want to verify authenticity before updating our post and sharing new link with you here. Stand by! We love the card and it saves us on average 50c/ gallon at Love’s Travel Stops! Will get back to you here as soon as I get a reply from the Financial Controller.

    • Hi Lori, I followed up by testing this link myself and received an email confirmation from TDS Logistics, so here is their new link for applying for the discount fuel card (powered by McLeod Software): https://tsdv.loadtracking.com:8443/im/fuelcardapp – just complete all the info they ask (and mention us as the Referrer) and you should receive your card pretty quickly. If you want two cards, ask for it at the time of applying. I just updated our blog post with the correct new application links. Good luck! And enjoy the savings!

    • Thank you, yes they will apply a $25 fuel credit to us for those who mention our name as referral source. So thank you very much! We hope you love your discount fuel card as much as we do!

    • Pilot/Flying J are not members and card will not work there. I heard that Camping World owners made Pilot/Flying J resign from accepting the card.

  14. We’ve now used the card twice – saving 12 to 15 cents a gallon over the lowest diesel price in the area, and almost 50 cents a gallon over the advertised price at the pump (Pilot or Love’s, in Tennessee and Mississippi). Thanks for sharing this great program!

    • Awesome news David – thanks for sharing! The best prices are usually found at Love’s, TA/Petro, and Pilot/Flying J as they have better rates negotiated with them. Hope to see you guys again SOON!

  15. HI guys,, me again. Now that you have been, hopefully, using the TSD card for a while now how has it been going?? any updates to this program or some use tips..

    ALso how does this work, or will it work with the reward cards a lot of the truck stops like to use like the Loves Reward card and others.. (you can get points to use toward showers and such.) do you by chance have one of the rewards cards and does it still work like normal..??

    thanks for the info and we will be signing up in march of 2020 to get ready to go full time in april next year. 🙂

    • Hi Carl, we actually have not used the fuel card since we posted the video/blog as we have been in Palm Springs, CA area with a full tank of fuel and no need to re-fill! But the 3 times we used it in September worked a charm and saved us over $130 total in 2 weeks. The best prices you will find at LOVE’S, and TA/Petro, also FLying J/Pilot (supposedly but we have not filled there yet). Not all truck stops offer a discount but all should accept the card. But we make a point of going to the ones that offer the best price namely Loves, TA/Petro. YES you can also use your Love’s and other reward cards to earn points toward showers, coffee and such – we have not tried this as don’t really have a need/interest but other friends of ours DO and it works just fine. It does not cost anything to sign up for the card, no fees at all, so you can apply whenever you like and just start using it when you are ready next year. One more things off the “to do list” if you apply now and just out it away safely until you need it. In the meantime you can start using the app and seeing the prices around your area and other areas to get familiar with it in advance. Hope that helps!

    • One of the things you did not mention (as far as I could tell) was the ability to link your EFS card with the Loves Connect card which enables you to actually start the pump from inside your rv. (Maybe you did it just to minimize confusion?). While this is a very minor point it is rather tech-cool for the tech-heads. It doesn’t always work (as we found out) and you then just swipe the EFS card normally.
      Thanks for a well written explanation of this cool program.

      • Thanks for sharing Terry. tech-heads would probably have fun with that feature. But as you mentioned we didn’t want to over complicate the post, and I figure I need to go to the pump to actually pump the fuel anyway. Good for security I suppose in that you are not physically swiping the card, and less risk of losing it if it never leaves the vehicle.

  16. Will their app tell you which stations have the smaller nozzles? Can’t wait to get the card! They haven’t called yet- but it’s only been 10 days. This is an awesome addition to all the other tips you’ve given out! These full timers appreciate it!! Thanks

    • Thank you. Glad it was helpful for you. The app won’t identify pumps with smaller nozzles. Nearly all major truck filling stations use the larger nozzles in my experience. Though, there are some stations in smaller towns, or non major filling stations that have smaller nozzles. Odds are, you will be able to make the larger nozzle work. Most diesel trucks, even regular Ford, Chevy and Dodge trucks can accommodate from what I hear.

  17. I am Canadian, so in order for me to use this program i would need an American bank account. do you know if my social insurance number would be acceptable?
    Thanks Terry

  18. Marc,,

    One question on the fuel saving is I notice the prices at the large truck stops tend to me 30 to 50 cents a gallon higher than surrounding stations like Sheetz, Speedway etc.. I like to use Gasbuddy app on phone to find and report gas/diesel prices around the areas I travel.

    on your saving mentioned how much of that would you have “saved” by NOT stopping at the large truck stops ..

    It sounds like a good thing and getting into TS with 5th wheel, large MH and we pull a 30 ft airstream vs some of the smaller station is easier for sure.

    just wondering if that math was done in looking at this program.. thanks for a great wealth of info.

    • Hi Carl, It is true that truck stops tend to have a higher price on fuel than some of the smaller fuel stations and especially some of the stations further away from interstates. We regularly use gas buddy to find good fuel prices, and did do some comparisons with the app in our travels after getting our EFS card as well. Sometimes those small stations can have prices close to the price we are able to get with the EFS card. The trick with most of those smaller stations is (as you mentioned) the maneuverability, and sometimes far out of the way. For folks with smaller RVs, or the ability to disconnect, they can be a good fit. But we almost always prefer to fill at truck stops anyway because we love knowing that it will be easy to navigate with our larger motorhome, especially as we are almost always towing a car, which can be very challenging in smaller fuel stations as we cannot use reverse. We have talked to far too many people who did thousands of dollars of damage to their RVs by trying to navigate a tight gas station trying to save a few bucks. So this EFS card is super exciting to us.

    • Our coach easily accepts the larger high flow nozzle, but it can’t accept the massive flow speed. I usually can only set the nozzle at the first ‘click’ on handle. Thought about opening the cap on the other side of the coach, but have heard horror stories about it coming out the other side. Maybe next time I fill, if I know I need at least 50 gallons, I will open the other side for the first 50, then close it for the rest.

      • Don’t do it, I moved RV’s for several dealers and some of the drivers tried that, not fun cleaning up the resulting fuel spill

      • So glad I was reading through all these comments.
        I am a full time now, own a 1500 Ram Eco Diesel. “FUEL FLOW SPEED” is not something that would have registered in my mind. Now I am a bit leery of Nozzle Size And Fuel Flow Speed.
        Perhaps the fuel flow should be listed in the “How It Works” as a caution for small trucks.
        Thank you for all of the information.
        Would definately like the Pros of this program. Still contemplating about the listed and possible Cons.

  19. Fantastic program, don’t suppose you know of any fleets that use regular gas and offer this sort of program, I can understand why not, everyone and there brother under the sun would have a card, but what if they limit it in some way, say the card is just for RV travels, you have to register an RV or something like that

    • Sorry. We are not aware of any fleet programs like this for gasoline. But, we did see somebody talk about an app called ‘getupside’ in one of the comments below. Might be worth checking into.

  20. What type of recourse do you have when they accidently debt your account for the next 3 trucks behind you? With a credit card you can dispute and the money isn’t removed from your account. With direct withdrawl, their mistake becomes your OverDraft fee/penalty?

  21. Thanks so much for sharing this. I am quite concerned about giving out my social security number. Do you know what they do to protect your financial information from getting hacked once they have it and I am assuming store it in their system?

    Already have been a victim of identity theft

    Thanks for any information you can share.

    • Hello Holly. Sorry to hear that you have been a victim of identity theft. Sad that there are such awful people out there, doing that to others. Even big companies like Target and other national brands have been hacked in recent years. So it is tough to stay safe these days. We were comforted by the fact that they are a 40 year business, and have big clients. Confident that they have good protocol to keep data safe, but there will always be an element of risk. Good to have fraud monitoring system in place just in case. You might want to call TSD logistics directly to ask them this question to get the information first hand.

    • Holly,, I hope you have taken the steps to FREEZE your credit files especially after an ID theft event.. In fact EVERYone should freeze their credit files to help prevent this from happening.

      The services like Lifeloc , they advertise on TV, radio etc, they will “monitor” your credit and alert you of potential problems are purty much worthless.

      Credit freeze is free in most states and will absolutely prevent issues with credit theft. check out clarkhoward.com and search “credit freeze” (he does a radio show and has been on air for 20 plus years.. )

  22. When not pulling 5th wheel .can I use in the auto diesel pumps as opposed to the truck pumps ? Most of my fill ups are when just driving truck.

  23. Hi Marc and Julie, thanks so much for this little gift. We have been looking around lately to see what was available for fuel discounts. And like you said, not much really jumped out at us so far. But this sounds great. I have already applied and used you folks as our referrer. Would you mind if I mentioned this program on my blog and sent my visitors here to sign up?

  24. Great find, guys! We will be applying for our card soon. One note though: I would not suggest using a funnel to fill a vehicle that can’t take the larger nozzles designed for trucks. The flow volume is too high for the small opening, so you’re likely to overflow the funnel and cause a diesel spill. Fortunately though our truck can use the high-flow nozzles. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks David. Glad to share it. It has been awesome. And thanks for pointing that out about the funnel. Not everyone would be careful enough with it, and I also don’t want to encourage folks to use at slower speed, and hold up trucks. That might cause complaints. Awesome that your truck can accept the high flow. I figured most big trucks like yours could. I will take out the funnel comment. Thanks again. Hope to see you this winter.

  25. Hi,

    Do you know if they run a Credit Check? I have my Credit Files frozen due to identity theft and it is always a great hassle getting the correct one temporarily unfrozen.


    • I don’t believe they run a hard credit check, as we don’t remember seeing a notification on our credit monitoring. But will check with them on that. Based on our experience, I would imagine that you could apply without unfreezing your account.

        • Hi Sherry. We understand that is a concern for some folks. It was at first for us too. But after speaking to their financial controller, we totally understand. As mentioned in the post, TSD Logistics is basically offering you credit via their corporate fleet card. They need to have an SSN just in case they ever come across somebody who does not have adequate funds in their bank account. They need to reduce their financial exposure risk, by having a path to recover the loss.


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