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Thank you both so much! Your knowledge, wisdom, insight, and research have helped us make our RV purchase and start our RV adventure too! Your attention to detail, thoroughness and common sense are so easy to watch, and it really rings true with the way we live our lives. You've shown us how to make good choices with our RV and tow vehicle. You've shown us exactly how to best work the Thousand Trails system (awesome!) and how to make pumpkin pie in the Convection microwave 🙂 And so many more, I can't even list them all. We just wanted to let you know how much that has meant to us. We always look forward to your next post! Our RV adventure is starting in September and we're so excited. We hope we bump into you at a TT sometime! Enjoy yourselves and thanks again!

– Alan and Carisa Goho

– Alan and Carisa Goho

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