18 Months of Full-time RV Living: Video Update

Hello from Key West, Florida! No, we aren’t there right now but it might feel like it when you grab a drink and sit down to watch our 18+ month video update. We sat down among waving palm trees, blue ocean and chickens (really) to bring you up to speed on our RV...

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9 Tips for Safely Driving an RV on Steep Grades

Driving an RV (in particular gassers) can be stressful, especially when navigating steep grades and mountain passes at altitude. During our drive over the Continental Divide on I-90 in Montana, Marc shared some great tips on how he safely navigates our RV up steep...

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Your Virtual Postcards from 17 National Parks

As the National Park Service celebrates it’s 100th birthday this week (and throughout 2016), we took a moment to reflect on all of the amazing national parks we’ve been lucky enough to experience so far. In our 26 months on the road, we’ve visited 17...

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You guys are awesome! I just discovered your blog and have binged on all of your posts. I can’t wait for more!!

– Mitch Dexter

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