Survey Results In. So What’s Next?

You’ve been getting to know us over the past couple of years via our website, YouTube Channel and social media and it was hight time we got to know YOU better too, to help us help you, by creating create even more and better content. We had so many...

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We Need Your Help. Here’s How.

We’ve reached a point in our journey where we’ve come to realize a few things. 1. We really love creating content for you guys and the RV community as a whole. 2. There are only so many hours in a day and we want to use them in the best way we can to...

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Snapshot: A Year of Full-Time RV Living & Costs

Want a quick snapshot of our RV Lifestyle? Curious about how many miles we drove, our expenses and the places we stayed? Here, we hare a visual snapshot summary in this fun infographic “A Year of Full-time RV Living” based on our experience during...

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You guys are awesome! I just discovered your blog and have binged on all of your posts. I can’t wait for more!!

– Mitch Dexter

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