Hit the Road With 15+ RV Experts With This RV Summit

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Our Hit the Road RV Summit virtual event was a huge success! Now, you can watch ALL of the summit content online – anytime. Listen and learn from 15+ RV experts in 21 sessions over 13 hours of awesome RV education and entertainment. We’ll help you get ready to hit the road in an RV – safely! 

Here is some of the feedback we got during the event on June 16!

It’s official – RV travel is THE safest and most appealing way to travel in 2020 and beyond. After being covered by just about every major media outlet from the New York Times to Forbes to Fox and everything in between, the best kept secret is out. RV Travel. There are now millions of people asking the same questions: 

  • Should I rent or buy an RV? And which one is best for me?
  • How can I stay connected to the internet so I can work while I travel? 
  • What are the best places to visit this year? 
  • What gear do I need?
  • What are your best money saving tips?
  • Any other advice for RV travel in this unusual (pandemic) year?
  • And much more

We realized there’s a big group of people wanting to RV right now, but there is so much to learn – and it would be like drinking from a firehose! Where do you start?

So we jumped into action and created the Hit the Road RV Summit – a fun and dynamic “Fast Track” one day virtual event on June 16, 2020 – that will help you learn the basics of what you need to know before hitting the road in an RV, and heading out to explore.

Can’t watch it live on June 16? Don’t worry! You can watch the summit content at your convenience, with a Lifetime Access Pass

Join 15+ RV Experts for a Day of RV Edu-tainment

You’ll hear from an amazing lineup of RV industry and RV life experts, sharing their best kept secrets and top tips for RV travel in 2020.

Whether you’re planning to rent or buy an RV, ready to explore new travel destinations, stay connected to the internet so you can work while you roam, learn how to find the best places to camp, and save money along the way, you’ll find it here in this great one day event.

The First Virtual RV Summit of its Kind

We are your hosts for this online event – Marc and Julie Bennett of RVLove and RV Success School. We will also be presenting several sessions. Plus, you will get to hear from these awesome RV experts, sharing their wealth of knowledge and experience about RVs, RV life and travel. 

Here is our amazing lineup of speakers: 

Nathan and Marissa Moss of Less Junk < More Journey, Brian Pursel of RV With Tito, Chris Dunphy and Cherie Ve Ard of Technomadia and Mobile Internet Resource Center, Mark Koep of CampgroundViews.com, Jeremy and Stephanie Puglisi of RV Atlas podcast and blog, Erik McCauley of Livinlite.net and Mobile Must Have, Janine Pettit of Girl Camper podcast and blog, Bob Zagami of New England RV Dealer’s Association, Duane Lipham of RV Inspection and Care, and Cowboy Langley of Gatesville RV Service and Sales of Texas, plus musical entertainment and insights from talented Audrey Callahan.

To learn more about what you can expect to learn from them, jump over and visit the Hit the Road RV Summit page and check out their speaker bios. 

View the Summit Schedule

You can see details of the speaker sessions and the topics they will be covering here.

It's time to start living your own RV adventures

After weeks of sheltering in place, we get that you are ready to get out and do some RV travel. But you want to do it safely. And you want to do it NOW! Staying healthy, safe and being free to travel in an RV are all top priorities on the wish list. But getting in some quick, useful RV education, tips and travel advice from others RVers who have been on the road for years, will definitely get you on the right track.

What are you waiting for?

Join millions of people just like YOU, and get ready to hit the road and travel safely in an RV. You can watch the summit online, as many times as you like. 

If you missed the live event on June 16, or just want to re-visit the sessions again, you can buy a “Lifetime Access Pass” to watch the summit sessions in your own time. The Lifetime Access Pass Summit Special Price is just $47 until June 19th. It goes up to $97 on June 20.

If you are want to do a deeper dive into your RV learning – and especially if you intend on going full-time or doing extended RV travel – opt for the VIP Success Bundle. This includes the RV Summit content, plus our 3 main RV courses and Live Calls with Q&A. All up, over 50 hours of in-depth RV education and invaluable resources that will save you a ton of time and money.

I'm an experienced RVer – is this event for me?

If you’re an experienced RVer, you will already know many of the people in this lineup, and the valuable information and insights they have to share. While you may not learn as much as a newbie RVer, you will still get value out of the summit content. 

As there will be new information covered, some of it relating to the changes to RVs and travel in the year ahead and RV industry expert commentary. You can pick and choose the sessions you watch.  But, we highly recommend you watch them all, as there is so much amazing information shared by every single speaker in their session.

We look forward to seeing you at the summit!


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