Hot New RVs at Florida RV Supershow Part 2: Towable RVs

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It was with and open mind and a sense of curiosity that we attended this year’s Florida RV Supershow – wondering what RV we might end up with next – motorized or towable? This is the second in our two-part blog post series that includes more detail, photos, plus short videos of all the RVs mentioned. Part One is focused motorized RVs, and this one, part 2 is about the trailers and campers that caught our attention. We also have short video tours of each for you to have a closer look. 

With meetups with our RVLove community happening every day Wednesday through Saturday at the RVLIFE, Battle Born, Open Roads, and Lippert booths, our time for actual RV shopping and tours was limited. So we only toured RVs that grabbed our attention, for one reason or another. With close to 1,500 rigs at the show, we only got to see a small percentage, but hey, quality over quantity, right?

It’s important to note that by covering a wide variety of RVs – types, sizes, price – in this series, it doesn’t necessarily mean we plan to buy any of them! Nor does it mean that RVs NOT included aren’t worthy of consideration. We literally could not see as many as we wanted to, but these are the ones we really wanted to make a point of seeing and sharing, as we felt they each had something unique to offer.

Let’s dive in!

Two Unique Airstream Trailers

Airstream had two 2022 units at the RV show that really caught our eye. Marc really liked the new 30FB Office model, and Julie really liked the 28 foot Pottery Barn special edition.

Airstream Flying Cloud 30FB Office Edition

This was the first time we had seen a dedicated office space floor plan from Airstream. It had a dedicated bedroom at the front, nice living area and kitchen in the middle area, and the rear of the trailer had a bathroom on the driver side and a dedicated office space on the curb/patio side. The trailer is 30’10” long, weighs 6,804 pounds, with a GVWR of 8,800 pounds which leaves an impressive 1,996 pounds available for cargo.  Hitch weight is 814 and water tank capacities are: Fresh 52 gallons, Grey 41 gallons, Black 35 gallons. MSRP Price on the Airstream 30FB Office at the show was $126,375 (no show special price was shown). We work from the road when traveling, and having a separate office space (like our first RV bunkhouse office) is high value for us as it helps create more work-life balance. Being able to keep all work-related gear in an office we can close the door on and switch off, is very appealing.

Airstream Pottery Barn

The Pottery Barn Special edition by Airstream appears to be on the 28RB Queen floor plan. Julie loved the modern, stylish and and residential look and feel of the interior decor, and so did many others at the show. There was a long line waiting to have a look at it, and there were a lot of ooohs and ahhhs from folks. I didn’t see specs on this special edition, but the regular 28B is 28 feet long, weighs 6,804 pounds with a GVWR of 7,600 pounds for cargo capacity of 1500. Water tank capacities are: Fresh 37 gallons, Grey 34 gallons and Black 34 gallons. It was certainly very pretty, but also very pricey with an MSRP of $168K.

Now, if Airstream made a Pottery Barn /Office edition, that would make both of us happy! (Just not the price).

Learn more about these and other Airstreams at

ATC Aluminium Trailers

We have looked at ATC toy hauler RV trailers online, but hadn’t seen them in person until this RV show. We really liked what we saw. The ATC trailers seem to be very high quality construction. Love the aluminum frame and 6 sided fully aluminum welded box (no screws, bolts or rivets that can break or work loose). Massive cargo carrying capacity for their weight, which is great for carrying big toys. Loved the impressive track system in the Pro-series that allows you to reposition furniture and tie down positions.  The fifth wheel option even had the ability to move the interior wall. The interiors have more of a modern industrial feel, and are very practical in that you can remove the floor covering to hose the trailer out after a dirty camping trip!

These trailers have big CCC (Cargo Carry Capacity). For example, the 2816 model trailer weighs 7,400 lbs, but with a GVWR of 13,200, so it has 5,800 pounds of CCC. The 4023 model fifth wheel weighs 11,250 lbs with a 21,000 pound GVWR for a CCC of 9,750, AND enough space to carry a full size Jeep! These are not in-expensive trailers, but they are certainly quality. Prices on the units at the RV show varied from $80K – $187K. Water capacities on the travel trailer we did a video tour on were: Fresh 100 gallons, Grey 45 gallons, and Black 45 gallons. 

Learn more about ATC at their website

Ember Overland Series 171FB

Ember is a brand new RV manufacturer to watch. In fact, one of their first production units – the Ember ROK – was one of five finalists for the RV of the Year Awards 2022. Here is a link to our blog post about the finalists and winner, including videos of each. We were excited to see more of Ember RV’s floor plans and models at the RV show. Ember Overland trailers are off-road ready, with rugged independent suspension and off road tires. They also offer the option of Battle Born batteries, solar and inverter upgrades from the factory.

The specific floor plan that caught our attention was the 171FB (17’ box, 1 slide, front bed). But we also like that they have multiple floor plans with murphy beds to make the most of the living space in these smaller RVs. Total length is 20’6”. Weight 4,165 pounds. GVWR 5,440 pounds. Cargo carry capacity is 1,275 pounds. Hitch weight 570. Impressive tank capacities for a smaller unit: Fresh 55 gallons, Gray 35 gallons, Black 35 gallons.

Visit Ember RVs website to learn more:

Keystone Arcadia 377RL and 3940

You might have seen that the Keystone Arcadia 370RL Travel Trailer won RV of the Year from RV Business. Here is a link to our blog post about the finalists and winner, including videos of each. 

It is indeed a beautiful RV, and built on an innovative new chassis with an insulated crawl space. The new chassis is hard to explain without a visual, so here is a great video by Keystone to better show you. While at the show, we looked at the 377RL because we feel it is a very unique and special travel trailer. It feels very residential with the full height slide rooms, tall ceilings, and residential decor.

We also had a look at the Arcadia line of fifth wheel trailers. The one that caught our eye was the 2 bedroom 3940LT. This model would be very popular with families with the 1.5 bath and bunk room loft with second entry.  Like the Arcadia travel trailer, this is a beautiful RV, and has the new generation chassis. They packed a lot of living space into this 39’7” fifth wheel trailer without ever feeling cramped. It weighs 12,380 pounds and has 1,440 pounds of cargo carrying capacity, with a 1,820 pound hitch weight. Tank capacities are: Fresh 66 gallons, Gray 88 gallons, Black 88 gallons. MSRP is $77K on the Keystone website. Interestingly… at the show, the dealer sticker said MSRP was $95K and the show special was $68K. Do your research to recognize if the ‘sale price’ is actually a deal or not.

Learn more at:

Exciting News About Solar and Lithium Batteries

During the show, there was an announcement released that Keystone RV and Dragonfly Energy (the company that makes Battle Born Batteries) and other high quality energy systems to make off grid power a part of every RV they make. Keystone now offers the opportunity to have powerful off-grid power systems right from the factory, with 10 year warranties on the batteries. 

All Keystone RVs will now come standard with 200 watts of solar, and there are other packages available with up to 1200 watts, and up to 540 amp hours of Dragonfly lithium batteries. Buying everything installed from the factory allows buyers to include these upgrades in their original loan. Keystone dealers will also be able to install these powerful off grid systems into customers previously purchased RVs.

Learn more at

Marc and Jeff on Couch

Wrap Up

Visiting the Florida RV Supershow is always a bit overwhelming, with so many RVs to see. Obviously, when we are doing “serious RV shopping” we would spend a lot more time diving into any models on our shortlist. But we liked what we saw with these towables, and enjoyed seeing the new innovations coming out of the RV industry.

Did you see Part 1 on the motorhomes that caught our eye? 

Click here to take a look  at the rest in our series. Even if you’re not shopping for a motorized RV, it’s always fun to check out the RV candy out there!

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