9 months on the road + our big news

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On March 19, we hit the 9 month milestone of living, working and traveling full-time in our RV! We filmed our latest video update during a hike at beautiful Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, New Mexico. While the backdrop is stunning, the downside of filming outdoors was having to deal with a few unpredictable elements such as some wind noise in the background, low light and even bugs! But, we figured you’d forgive us, as the scenery is well worth it!

In this video update, we share our biggest pieces of news from our first 9 months on the road including:

  1. Our Big AHA Moment
  2. Mail & Domicile – there’s a big surprise in here!
  3. The Grand Canyon
  4. First cold weather/snow camping
  5. First boondocking adventure… in Arizona!
  6. Los Algodones, Mexico for Dental
  7. Other Travel Highlights – San Diego, Route 66 and Sedona… and more!

As always, we love reading your comments and questions – both on our RV Love YouTube channel and right here on the blog – so please let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Finally, in case you are wondering, yes we are still loving our mobile lifestyle and don’t plan on hanging up the coach keys anytime soon 🙂

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Happy travels!

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14 thoughts on “9 months on the road + our big news”

  1. We too are flipping back and forth between diesel or gas. Would like real world info on what your getting for gas mpg? Thanks

  2. Hi, enjoying your blogs. Been to many of the places you are visiting. I may have missed it in one of your videos but are you using a GoPro for filming.

    Great job.


    • Hi there and thank you! Glad you are enjoying actually we don’t use a go pro – yet – it’s all with out iPhones! But we are looking at getting a GoPro in the next month or so. I should do a post on the tech equipment we use – thanks for the idea!

  3. Congrats on becoming Texans, y’all! We’re still domiciled in Arizona, and even though the Grand Canyon is an easy day trip for us, we don’t take it for granted. We’d love to show you around more of Arizona, as there are so many “secret” places the state reveals that locals know about. We’re keeping our real names private online for now, but you now have our email – and we’re on RVillage.com We’re northern AZ residents taking short trips for now, and we got a big kick out of y’all not realizing that we get snow in this area of the state. (Yea, we laughed, but not at you, with you.) Winters in this part of the state are gorgeous! We’ve “winterized” our Class A (gas). Would love to see you!

    • Hi there and thanks for your comments! You are in a beautiful part of the country – so close to the GC must be amazing.. glad you don’t take it for granted! If we ever decided to buy some land or a condo, it would possibly be in Sedona, AZ! Haha yes I guess it must have been funny seeing how surprised we were to get snow in Arizona… the more we travel, the more educated we get! We loved Arizona and look forward to spending more time there. Have you connected with us on RVillage yet? Would love to connect with you and see more of the “secret” places next time we are out that way! We left in late March….Hope you’ve got your coach out and about now and are enjoying the summer 🙂

  4. we are 10 days away from full-timing! Will start our journey from New Hampshire in our Flying Cloud and when the leaves turn, head due south as far as Key West. June 2016 it’s Westward Ho. Hope to see you on the trails, been following you through our horrid winter and it helped get us through! Thank you for sharing your life.

    • Hey there and congratulations on your pending “launch”! Sounds like we might in similar area around the same time – we are heading to Maine by mid August where we will spend 6 weeks there, do some leaf peeping then make our way south to Florida – we will spend a week in the Keys in late January (hopefully, if we can find somewhere!) So we just might cross paths! Will be sharing our journeys of course here and on social media and in our newsletters. Safe and happy travels to you! 🙂

      • We currently full time in Maine.. Loving it. Kennebunkport/Arundel near the coast. Hemlock Grove RV park.. awesome place I highly recommend it. We’ve been here since Mid May

        Safe Travels

        • Fabulous! We will be in Maine on 16 August and staying for 6 weeks! We will put those places you mentioned on our visit list! How long will you be staying in Maine? Anything other highlights?

  5. OMG!! So much fun to see your faces again!! First time I actually logged on to your blog. Haven’t been using the computer much. You two are definitely originals. Looking forward to seeing you again someday and playing Tripoley!!
    Hey Guys! Take care and have safe/fun travels…..Bets n Ed

  6. Really enjoyed this latest video. You guys are “naturals” in front of the camera. Looking forward to more of your adventures.


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