Winnebago Forza with Design Studio Concept

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We were WOWED by the design, styling and storage of the new Winnebago Forza at the 2020 Florida RV Supershow. But as we dug a little deeper on capacities, we had a few concerns. 

Still, we have to say we are impressed to see that Winnebago is leading RV design again. This time, with their new Design Studios concept, showcased in the latest Winnebago Forza models at in Tampa. Check out our video tour and learn all about it in this post. It’s another leap forward in RV design and style – and we like it!

When Winnebago released their ground-breaking, contemporary Horizon design in 2017 it won RV of the Year. It was truly a massive – and welcome – departure in traditional Class A motorhome interior styling! While we loved it, the shift was polarizing for some.

But with Winnebago pushing the envelope so far, it finally opened the door for other RV manufacturers to step up their game with their own designs. Traditionally, RV styling – especially Class A motorhome interiors – have been…. well… traditional!

Since then, many manufacturers have dipped their respective toes in the water of fresh, lighter interiors and more contemporary design elements.  Still few, if any, have managed to match the sometimes polarizing and modern design of the Horizon. Winnebago continues to lead the trend and make waves in the RV industry.

Taking a tour of the NEW Winnebago Forza

This year at the Tampa show, Winnebago rolled out a new design idea that we think is not only beautiful, but brilliant in concept. We fell in love with the interior of the 2020 Winnebago Forza 38F, beautifully decorated with their new ‘Design Studio’ accessories.

We’ll get to more of the actual specifications of the Forza in a bit. Including one “gotcha” that you need to look out for further down in the post (and video). But let’s dive into what we think makes this motorhome so special – and grabbed our attention at the show!

Introducing the Winnebago Design Studio

The basic concept of their new Design Studio is so simple, it is amazing to us that others haven’t thought of it. Here’s how it works.

Winnebago produces the motorhome, offering a choice of 3 timeless, neutral base interior palettes. These include the more permanent features like cabinetry, window valances, and furniture pieces. All in neutral colors, and clean lines that are adaptable. 

The 38F model we looked at had light, white washed cabinets, and simple white window valances. 

Next, you have the option of decorating the RV, using one of four different design studio themes, curated by Winnebago’s design team – Seaside, Up North, Contemporary and Lakeside.

These interior styling themes offer suggestions for elements throughout the RV, to bring a cohesive look, feel and color palette to the whole coach.  Items includes bedding, throw rugs and pillows, kitchenware and bathroom accessories and other decor.

And, here is what’s cool. You can purchase these individual items yourself – from Amazon – to personalize your RV decor to your individual taste. You can even mix and match the styles – it’s up to you!

So, if you decide you want to change from one theme to another, you could just go on amazon and have them shipped to your door.

Maybe you normally prefer a woodsy cabin feel, but are planning on changing your travels to more regularly visit beach locations.  If you had one of these coaches with a neutral palette, you could order the ‘seaside’ design elements to change up your interior instead of a major redesign, or an RV that feels our of place in the location you are staying in.

We think this is a brilliant new idea for RV interior styling and really hope that other manufacturers take notice.  It offers more variety for customers, and a more timeless base style, with the ability to quickly, easily and affordably freshen up the look and feel of your RV! Seriously brilliant. 

How much is it? How Big is it?

The Winnebago Forza is one of the manufacturer’s lower priced, diesel pusher motorhomes.

How much? The manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP) on this unit, with options, was around $295K.  But the base price starts at around $260K. Remember that MSRP in the RV industry is rarely what you should end up paying.  The sale price listed at the Florida RV Supershow by Lazy Days RV in Tampa was around $207K.   

How big? Winnebago Forza vary in lengths from just over 35’ to nearly 40’. Depending on floor plan, it can sleep 5-8 people and provide for a very comfortable home on wheels.  There are five floor plans available, six if you count the Accessibility Enhanced model.. One recently added option is a two set desk area for folks who work from the road. 

About the Forza 38F floor plan

We had hoped that Winnebago would bring one of their new Forza models with the dual work-station option so we could check it out and share it with you. Unfortunately the didn’t have any at the show. However, we really enjoyed walking through the 38F model. We feel this model would be a very popular unit for those not needing to work so much on the road, as there really isn’t a dedicated work space.

The Winnebago Forza 38F is a front entry, bath and a half floor plan with 3 slides.  One of those slide-outs is nearly a full length slide on the driver/street side.  It feels very spacious and roomy, especially in the light color pallet of the unit we toured at the show.

Upon entry, there is a kitchen area to your left, and a booth dinette and couch on your right.  The front passenger seat had a fold out lap desk, but we didn’t find it very useful. 

If the pocket doors into the bedroom area are left open, the floor plan feels huge as you can see almost all the way to the back of the coach.  The bedroom comes with a 60×80 queen bed, or an optional 72×80 king bed.  A nice dual vanity full bath is at the rear of the coach.

The passenger seat has a small flip up desk, but being off center, we feel that would not be a great option for working much from this location, due to the ergonomics of the positioning of the desk. There is a space for putting your drink, magazines etc beside it against the wall.

Winnebago Forza Specifications

The Forza is powered by a 340HP Cummins ISB engine, with around 700 ft lb. torque. Built on a Freightliner chassis with gross vehicle weight ratings varying from 26-29K. Gross combined weight ratings of 30-33K. 

I am pointing this out because it can sometimes be tricky for new buyers to understand the importance of these numbers. 

Some consumers might look at the fact that the hitch is rated for 500 pound vertical/tongue weight, and 10,000 towing/draw weight, and think they can tow a heavy vehicle behind it.  But that would depend on how much cargo you are carrying on board the coach.  If you fully loaded up the 29K GVWR, you would only have 3K pounds of weight to spare for towing.  

After doing a bit more research, it appears that the Forza 38F has about 4,000 pounds of cargo carrying capacity. So, if you want to tow a 5,000 pound vehicle, you would need to limit your onboard cargo to around 2,000 lb.  But if you are towing a lighter vehicle, you could still safely carry more cargo.

Want to Continue Learning?

Towing and cargo capacities vary widely across seemingly similar RVs.  Make sure to do your research. Learn more about our previous RV weight problems in this post.

Somebody looking for big towing capacity might be looking at our other recently toured RVs at the Florida RV Supershow – the Newmar Supreme Aire

There is so much to pay attention to when buying an RV. Weight capacities are some of the most important for safety considerations.  Buying an RV is a large investment, and can be extremely complex and confusing. That is why we created our RV Success School Courses – to help people make sound purchasing decisions. To find out more about how you can learn what you need to know in our guided, self paced courses that will save you a TON of time and money, click here.

More features of the Winnebago Forza

Winnebago is paying attention to consumer trends and desires.  They are mindful to include many creature comforts, and also practical things like USB, induction and 110 volt outlets near the bed, and adjustable shelves to allow for charging various devices, or medical equipment.  

We also saw many new thoughtful innovations in other Winnebago products at the Florida RV show this year, especially in the new Solis. 

But the most exciting one for us this year, was their Winnebago Forza line with the new Design Studio offering.  This is a very fresh new approach to interior design that we believe has huge potential to win the hearts – and dollars – of many RV shoppers.

We would love to see other manufacturers follow Winnebago’s design lead. And anticipate we’ll be seeing more fresh styling being released in the year/s ahead. About time, eh?

For more detail on the Winnebago floor plans, features and specifications visit their website.

What do you think about the new Winnebago Forza and new design studio approach? Leave us a comment below.

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