RV Podcast Roundup: Our Top Picks

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Looking for some great podcasts for your daily work commutes, when driving to new travel destinations, or to entertain you while you do chores or exercise? We searched and listened to all the RV and camping podcasts and curated this selection of our top picks.

What are these RV podcasts about?

Many cover a wide variety of RV and camping related topics, from campgrounds and travel destinations to RV shopping, tips and RV hacks. Plus, there is advice for RV repairs and maintenance, and interviews with other RVers. You’ll even find podcasts for solo RVers, those working from the road, and more! 

In compiling our selection, we looked for podcasts that publish regularly and have decent quality audio. The hosts are experienced RVers, share helpful and relevant information, and deliver an entertaining, easy listening experience. The number of episodes and reviews are accurate as at the time of publishing.

Finally, these RV podcasts are listed in no particular order. Some are well known, while others are newer gems we think are worth checking out! One thing to note: the stats and screenshots we share here are from Apple Podcasts, as we’re an all-Apple household. But most of these can be found on all the major platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Android, Google Podcasts, Podbean, Spotify, Stitcher, Buzzsprout, RSS, and more.

Here are the best RV and camping podcasts worth a listen and subscribe!

The RV Atlas Podcast

Hosts: Jeremy and Stephanie Puglisi

Description: Now in its 9th year, this podcast is hosted by experienced RVers Jeremy and Stephanie Puglisi, authors of the bestselling book Where Should We Camp Next? They cover tips for RV vacations and campground destinations, RV shopping and gear, food, family travel, plus tricks for navigating the times when everything doesn’t quite go as planned.

Stats: 75+ episodes. 537 reviews. Rating 4.7 out of 5. Weekly eps.

Why We Like It: Jeremy and Stephanie share their RV ownership and family camping experiences in a helpful, friendly, and down-to-earth way. Their fun chemistry and witty banter make each episode a fun listen, and there are always useful nuggets to take away and apply in your own camping life. You can also listen to episodes from the podcast page on their website.

Access Podcast: https://thervatlas.com/podcast-landing

RV Miles Podcast

Hosts: Jason and Abby Epperson

Description: Since 2017, full-time RVers Jason and Abby of RV Miles have been sharing RV travel tips, destinations, and news for RV owners and RV dreamers. It’s now the #1 podcast for RV camping enthusiasts based on reviews and ratings.

Stats: 270 episodes. 1,177 reviews. Rating 4.8 out of 5. Weekly eps.

Why We Like It: Jason and Abby are professional in their delivery, yet relaxed and very easy to listen to. They share interesting news and real-world RV stories relevant to campers and travelers on their podcast, and Jason does a YouTube news roundup as well. Currently traveling in a smaller RV, with their three sons, while journeying from Baja Mexico to Alaska. They are sharing adventures and what they learn about the experience along the way.

Access Podcast: https://podcast.app/rv-miles-podcast-p357962

The RV Podcast

Hosts: Mike and Jennifer Wendland

Description: Mike and Jennifer love celebrating the RV lifestyle by sharing tips, travel ideas, RV news, and great interviews about the RV lifestyle (formerly the RV Lifestyle podcast).

Stats: 400+ episodes. 576 reviews. Rating 4.4 out of 5. Weekly eps.

Why We Like It: Mike and Jennifer have been RVing for over a decade, and have seemingly boundless energy when it comes to the RV lifestyle. They regularly attend RV shows, have a very engaged community, and have a call-in line for their show. They regularly share listener experiences, and interviews with people they meet along the way. As a career journalist, Mike is ever curious, and never runs out of stories!

Access Podcast: https://rvlifestyle.com/category/podcasts

Rocking The RV Life Podcast

Hosts: Jeff Kinzbach and Patti Kinzbach

Description: “Rocking the RV Life” shares stories and valuable tips on the journey of living full-time in an RV. Hosted by Jeff Kinzbach,  a former top rated morning radio DJ from Cleveland, Ohio, and his wife Patti. Two weeks after retiring, Jeff and Patti sold their home and hit the road. After almost a year of traveling, they experienced wonderful places, and plenty of issues that set them back. That is when Jeff started producing a weekly RV life podcast, and share everything they have been through. Whether you’re living in an RV, dreaming of it, or just want to be entertained, follow Jeff and Patti as they document their adventures and interview interesting people along the way. 

Stats: 72 episodes. 29 ratings. Rating 4.4 out of 5. Weekly eps.

Why We Like It: Jeff’s career as a professional radio DJ is immediately evident from the get-go. He does a fantastic job bringing you right in from the intro. Jeff sources interesting guests, and does through research to come up with excellent questions. He’s not afraid to dig deeper and explore meaty dialog. Together, Jeff and his wife Patti have a great chemistry, and are a joy to listen to. Excellent quality audio, like you’d expect from a professionally produced radio show. You would never know they record these from their RV! You can also listen to their podcasts direct from their website.

Access Podcast: https://rockingthervlife.com/podcast  

StressLess Camping Podcast

Hosts: Tony and Peggy Barthel

Description: A podcast for those who want to make their next RV and camping experience a “StressLess Camping” adventure. Covering road trips, RV tips and hacks, destinations, deals, and ways to make the journey easier, the Barthel’s invite you to join them, and their guests, as as they chat by the virtual campfire.

Stats: 195 episodes.153 Reviews. Rating 4.8 out of 5. Weekly eps.

Why We Like It: Tony and Peggy are both veteran RVers who know their stuff. Peggy grew up camping, and Tony used to work for an RV dealership, so has the advantage of sharing from his experience both as an industry insider and an RV owner. Tony is also known for his popular RV reviews on their website. These two are relaxed, knowledgeable and genuine, sharing a variety of content from their real world experience. Their easy banter makes you feel like you want to sit down with them over a beer and continue the conversation.

Access Podcast: https://www.stresslesscamping.com/podcast 

Living the RV Dream

Host: Robert Morales

Description: Covering destinations, how to’s, and valuable information to enhance your RVing experience.

Stats: 275 episodes. 197 reviews. Rated 4.6 out of 5. Weekly eps.

Why We Like It: Robert is best known as Traveling Robert where he shares h is travels enthusiastically across YouTube, his website, and even Amazon Prime. Robert is such a happy, friendly, and likable host. From the moment he opens the show, you feel like you’re settling in to catch up with an old friend. In his warm, melodic conversational style, Robert shares his personal experiences and latest travel adventures, making him even more relatable.

Access Podcast: https://travelingrobert.com/podcast.ph

RV Inspection And Care Podcast

Host: Duane Lipham

Description: This podcast is all about RVs, the RV lifestyle, and RV camping. Certified RV inspector Duane Lipham covers all of the subjects that will help you get started and enjoy your RV adventures.

Stats: 69 episodes, 2 reviews. Rated 5 out of 5. Weekly eps.

Why We Like It: Duane is extremely knowledgeable and experienced, both as an RVer, and an RV inspector. He shares useful information for every RVer and has a great voice for podcasting! Personable, engaging with well organized subject matter, Duane’s delivers 10-15 minute quick bite episodes that are easy to digest. He does a great job and is so easy to listen to, we don’t understand why there aren’t more reviews! Give Duane’s podcast a listen and leave a review to keep him motivated so he continues producing these handy bites of RV wisdom.

Access Podcast: https://rvinspectionandcare.buzzsprout.com

Solo Women RV Podcast

Host: Kathy Belge

Description: This podcast is for solo women campers, RVers and Van-lifers. Each week, host Kathy Belge interviews women who camp, live in their vans, or travel in RVs solo. The podcast offers information for new, aspiring, or seasoned solo woman travelers and those who love them. 

Stats: 74 episodes. 32 reviews. Rated 4.9 out of 5. Weekly eps.

Why We Like It: Kathy has an encouraging and gentle style which makes her guests feel comfortable in opening up to authentically share their experiences. Kathy’s pleasant voice is no doubt soothing to the many women who listen to her, seeking support and encouragement to hit the road as a solo RVer. She and her guests share helpful information about what to expect before hitting the road, and in everyday RV and van life. 

Access Podcast:  https://solowomenrv.com/solo-women-rv-podcasts

The RV Entrepreneur

Hosts: Multiple

Description: A podcast for nomadic entrepreneurs and remote workers of every kind. For people who are interested in downsizing their life, creating remote income, and working from anywhere. This podcast presented by RV LIFE features a rotation of hosts, including Joshua Sheehan, Kimberly Crossland, Heath Padgett (original host/creator), and others.

Stats: 297 episode. 525 ratings. Rating 4.8 out of 5. Weekly eps.

Why We Like It: Each week, the host interviews nomadic entrepreneurs who have made the leap into the RV lifestyle and taken their businesses with them – or created them – on the road. You always learn something new from their wide variety of interesting guests, from content creators, traveling nurses, and work campers, to artists, Etsy store owners, and digital entrepreneurs. Guests and hosts openly share the ups and downs of their real-world experience building, running, and selling their business from the road. Each episode gives the listener new nuggets of information and inspiration, whether they have an RV or not. 

Access Podcast: https://therventrepreneur.com/rv-entrepreneur-podcast

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Here are a few more podcasts that didn’t quite fit our criteria for the above list. But these still have good content and are worth checking out.

Girl Camper Podcast

Hosted by Janine Pettit, they haven’t released a new podcast episode in over a year, as their focus is now on the Girl Camper magazine. But with a rating of 4.6/5 and 87 episodes of evergreen content, this podcast remains popular with ladies who like to camp! 

Access Podcast: https://girlcamper.com/girl-camper-podcast

The Camper Report Show

Hosted by RV industry veterans, Bob Zagami of New England RV Dealer’s Association and John DiPietro, who bring campers the latest RV industry news and interviews. This is a video podcast show produced for RV LIFE’s Camper Report YouTube channel, not available through traditional podcasting networks.

Access Show: https://www.youtube.com/@camperreport

RVing New England

Also hosted by Bob Zagami of New England RV Dealer’s Association and John DiPietro, RVing New England is a video podcast that streams on Facebook and YouTube every Wednesday. The audience is RV industry focused, so you’ll get to hear from a lot of RV insiders who you may not necessarily have heard of, but have plenty of insights to share.

Access Show: https://www.nervda.com/podcasts

We hope you found some great new podcasts to listen to in our roundup! Let us know if you have some other faves we should check out. Happy travels!

Picture of Author Bio: Julie Bennett

Author Bio: Julie Bennett

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