Jojoba Hills SKP RV Resort Near Temecula California

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sunset with rvs and flowers at jojoba hills skp resort

This isn’t just any RV park, it’s an affordable and engaged community offering a pretty awesome lifestyle. After hearing so many positive things about this place, we had to go check out Jojoba Hills SKP RV Resort in person. Located near Temecula, California, it’s a popular winter base for RVers, and even for living year-round. 

Jojoba Hills SKP RV Resort is part of the Escapees RV Club campground network, hence the abbreviation “SKP”. Get it? We stayed here for just one night in February during our nine-week California RV trip and had a guided tour by one of their long-time residents. 

Read on for details and photos, and learn more about this surprising and special RV resort. 

main entry gate at jojoba hills

Jojoba Hills is a private, gated RV resort and member co-op community

What is an SKP RV Resort?

First, let’s explain what an SKP park is and what makes it different to other RV resorts. Decades ago, Escapees RV Club helped set up several SKP cooperative parks. There are 11 SKP co-op parks around the USA, and Jojoba Hills SKP RV Resort is one of them.

These SKP co-op parks are separate, non-profit organizations. The residents of each co-op manage and maintain the property independently. Residents have membership and occupancy rights through a one-time lease payment. Plus an annual fee for maintenance and operations. Members also volunteer their time and services to keep the park running and in good order. And their pride of ‘ownership’ in keeping the place clean and well-cared for is evident! 

Note: these member-owned SKP parks are not to be confused with the Rainbow parks owned by Escapees RV Club.

one of many ponds at jojoba hills with a water fountain

Who can stay at an SKP RV Resort?

All Escapees Club members, regardless of age, can stay at an SKP RV Resort, even families with kids. The rates vary from park to park and are very reasonable. We joined Escapees RV Club in January 2015 (Member Number #121165) after having these big realizations 9 months into our full-time RV life. 

Even though anyone can stay at an SKP park, some properties, including Jojoba Hills SKP RV Resort, do have an age restriction for purchasing a lot lease. More on that in a bit. 

OK, let’s show you around this park and share all that it has to offer.

rvs with big valley views at jojoba hills skp resort

Location of Jojoba Hills SKP RV Resort

Jojoba Hills is located in the foothills near a small town called Aguanga about 30 minutes from Temecula, California. It’s on the other side of the mountain that separates it from Palm Springs, 60 miles away.

There are a handful of private homes nearby. But most of the surrounding area is undeveloped, very scenic, lush, and serene. The elevation is just over 2,000 feet. Most RV sites have views of the surrounding mountains. 

Area Attractions

Jojoba Hills SKP RV Resort is designed to be a home base for its members. The resort is so loaded with amenities that we imagine most people stay on-site unless they go to Temecula. More on that in our amenities section below.

The climate here is Mediterranean, with mild winters and low-humidity summers with cool evenings. So it is quite comfortable year-round. That said, many of this RV resort’s members still go out traveling (usually in an RV) during the hottest summer months. 

Aguanga has very few services and attractions beyond the beautiful, tranquil surroundings. Within a short drive, you’ll find is another RV resort, a couple of wineries, and a casino. But nearby Temecula is a much larger city with just about anything you could want within 18 miles.

pool area lounge chairs at jojoba hills

Amenities and Activities at Jojoba Hills SKP RV Resort

Of the many SKP co-ops and Rainbow parks by Escapees, Jojoba Hills is the nicest and most scenic of the half dozen or so Escapees parks we have visited to date. All of their other RV resorts have been well cared for by their members.

But we feel Jojoba Hills SKP RV Resort has such amazing amenities and spectacular views from nearly everywhere in the resort. Perhaps the most striking amenity is the main clubhouse and pool area overlooking the valley.

view across valley by fire pit and chair jojoba hills
main friendship hall at jojoba hills valentine decor

The clubhouse has a large friendship hall where they host community events, a well-equipped fitness room, a library, a sewing room, and a craft room. As well as a card room, billiard room, large covered outdoor patio area, two hot tubs, and a large swimming pool. You’ll even find saunas in the restrooms in the clubhouse. But that’s not all!

pickleball courts at jojoba hills

Next to the clubhouse, they have pickleball and tennis courts, a community garden, and mini golf. Then there are nice walking trails by their many ponds with water features. Scenic streets are spacious and often nicely landscaped RV sites. 

dog park and shade shelters at jojoba hills

The larger of the two dog parks with shaded area for pet pawrents to relax

And that’s still not all! There are two dog parks for your furry friends to play. An air-gun shooting range, remote control car track, and remote control airplane flying. They also have a metal shop, wood shop, mechanical shop, pottery studio, and art studio available. The RV resort even adjoins a wildlife conservation area for hiking and mountain biking, plus a separate area with trails you can explore with your ATV.

We can’t remember seeing any other RV resort with as many amenities and activities as Jojoba Hills SKP RV Resort! Now you can see why most people stay in, as there’s just so much to do on-site.

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people in a tidy woodshop at jojoba hills resort

The woodworking shop

Practical Amenities at Jojoba Hills

On the more practical side, Jojoba Hills SKP RV Resort has three laundry facilities. There’s a dedicated mail room to receive all types of mail and packages, recycling, and RV storage. They also have a smaller, separate community house that you can reserve for private gatherings and events. 

class a and fifth wheel rvs in storage at jojoba hills

RVs in the large open storage area

Cellular Connectivity and WiFi

There are cell towers for AT&T and Verizon literally on-site at this property. So coverage on those carriers is very good. But if you use T-Mobile for your cell phones (as we do) you will find cell coverage is poor.

Fortunately, our mobile internet solution includes a cellular rooftop antenna, which gave us enough T-Mobile coverage to work with. They also offer high-speed WIFI which we heard is very fast, but didn’t try on our short visit. Cable TV and even a hardwired phone line can be connected to your site for longer stays.

one of the two cellular tower trees at jojoba hills

That “tree-looking” structure at the far left is one of the two cell towers on-site


  • Beautiful and tranquil location with views all around
  • Extremely well-cared-for RV resort and amenities
  • Amazingly warm and friendly community members
  • Easy access to Temecula for any wants or need
  • An enormous list of amenities and activities on site
  • The climate is comfortable year-round
  • Huge spacious sites, most of which have views
  • Very affordable option for short or long term stays


  • You must be an Escapees member to visit, or purchase a lease lot
  • Minimum age is 55 to go on the waitlist to purchase a lease lot
airstream and SUV on a site at jojoba hills rv resort

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class a rv in foreground with expansive view of valley

RV Sites at Jojoba Hills SKP RV Resort

The property is 148 acres of rolling terrain and has 283 RV sites. Being rolling terrain, this RV resort has a lot of terracing and curved roads to work with the landscape. This also gives the property a nice organic flow, unlike a rigid grid shape, and aids in the spacious feel.

small class c rv and orange jeep cherokee parked in campsite at jojoba hills California

As mentioned above, the RV sites at Jojoba Hills are extremely spacious, and most have beautiful views. RV sites average 50 feet by 70 feet, and all have full hookups with 50 amp power. You can see how wide our campsite is, starting at the golf cart left of the shed and ending at the hedge right of our Class C RV!

All sites also include high-speed WiFi, cable TV, and a storage shed, as this resort is designed as a home base for co-op members. Some sites are still quite basic, with just gravel and an eight-by-30-foot concrete pad. But most RV sites have had improvements, from mild landscaping to large permanent shade structures and decks. Some sites even have permanent room extensions attached to the RV.

rv site with brick raised patio deck and shade structure
rv with permanent extra room at jojoba hills

More Jojoba Hills RV Site details

Nearly all sites appear to be very close to level. I don’t remember seeing any RVs using leveling blocks. And I know we didn’t need any for our site. All sites are back-in but are so big they are easy to maneuver. The park’s volunteer members will guide you to your campsite in a golf cart.

The wide paved roads and few obstacles make nearly all sites friendly to big rigs. Most all of the sites we saw had big rigs on them, mainly fifth wheels and motorhomes. We learned that the majority of RVs stay on this property for most or all of the year. Some members have secondary, smaller RVs that they travel with, leaving a stationary RV on their campsite.

large corner site with 5th wheel shed and golf cart

Getting There

It is easy to access near the intersection of Hwy 79 and 371. But note that some long steep grades exist between Palm Springs and Aguanga on Hwy 74. So it is best to access Jojoba Hills via Temecula.

We drove here via Hwy 74, directly from Thousand Trails Palm Springs. But we were traveling in our small motorhome and Julie drove our tow vehicle separately, so it was fine. This drive would not be as enjoyable or safe in a bigger rig.

pond with island at jojoba hills

Rates at Jojoba Hills SKP RV Resort

As mentioned earlier, you must already be a member of the Escapees RV Club to stay at this resort. Our membership costs us about $50 per year, and we have been members since 2015. During our stay in February 2023, we paid a nightly rate of $46.35, including tax.

You can learn more about and join Escapees RV Club here.

class a rv and golf cart at jojoba hills resort with a large tree

Interested in an extended stay?

This RV resort is primarily a home base for longer-term resident members. But, these members do not technically own their RV sites and can “swap” campsites within the resort when they become available. Membership rates increase each year and was just under $40,000 to purchase a lease lot at this resort. 

There is also a monthly maintenance fee of close to $400, and utilities average $100 per month. If/when you leave the community, you receive your initial lease purchase amount back, plus some of the value of improvements to your site.

As you might expect, demand for obtaining a co-op membership lot at this very nice 55+ resort is high. At the time of publishing, the waitlist is around two years. And to be eligible, you must be an Escapees RV Club member who has done an in-person tour of the resort. Also, you must own an RV less than 20 years old. 

Tempting as it may be, we are not yet eligible to go on their waitlist. But we’re glad we got to visit. It’s opened our eyes to yet another affordable way for RVers to have a home base and build community, while enjoying the many benefits of the RV lifestyle.

view across valley by fire pit and chair jojoba hills

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This is an extremely nice RV resort and community in a desirable location. If you are over 55 years of age and are looking for a home base in the coastal high desert of southern California for your RV, we highly recommend a visit to, and tour of Jojoba Hills SKP RV Resort. Shoutout to George, our very helpful and knowledgeable tour host who spent two hours giving us an in-depth tour. 

If you’re in the area and just want a short stay at this park, you don’t need to be 55+. But you DO need to be a member of Escapees RV Club. It’s a very pleasant, welcoming, and affordable place to spend time in the area.

As you can probably tell, we thoroughly enjoyed our short stay at Jojoba Hills SKP RV Resort, and look forward to returning in the future!

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one of many ponds at jojoba hills with a water fountain

Contact Information

To find out more or to make a reservation, contact:

Jojoba Hills SKP RV Resort
45120 Highway 79 South
Aguanga, CA 92536

Email: [email protected]

You can also read more reviews of this RV park at Campground

Learn more about / join Escapees RV Club at here.

class c rv leaving jojoba hills skp rv resort

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10 thoughts on “Jojoba Hills SKP RV Resort Near Temecula California”

  1. We had driven by the very understated Jojoba Hills sign a number of times while camping in our own backyard in Southern California but it wasn’t until I read your article in early 2023 that we decided to stop by and take a tour. We were so impressed with the resort and the friendly people that we added our names to the wait list as soon as my partner, Mark, turned 55 and became eligible in September of 2023. We got the call quicker than expected and moved in 3 weeks ago. I am writing this response while lounging by that lovely pool. It really is as wonderful as you describe! Thanks for opening our eyes to this beautiful place!

    • Hi there – you can leave your questions here or email us. Sorry, we don’t do phone calls, except for consulting, as we just would never have time to keep up with everything. If you want a link to book a consulting call, let us know. But email is usually good.

  2. Jojoba is a very attractive resort but I had a very unpleasant and costly experience when I stayed and I won’t be back. The office staff had a volunteer escort me to my site. He was directing me backing up into the site and I was very concerned about not hitting the concrete marker indicating the space number. He told me 3 times not to worry about it that he would watch it for me. He then proceeded to direct me right into the marker causing $1300 damage to my truck. The park office refused to cover my loss and threatened to charge me for damaging the marker (which only had to be straightened.

    I have been a member of Escapees for over 6 years but considered cancelling my membership after this.

  3. I’ve been a member for several years, and am thankful everyday to have Jojoba Hill SKP Resort as my home base. During your stay you probably saw the abundant wildflowers, but may have missed the sounds of coyotes yipping just outside our door. The ducks are pairing up, and soon we’ll see adorable ducklings following mom around in the ponds. Turtles should be hatching soon as well. They all share pond 3 with koi the size of my arm. I’m glad you were able to experience Jojoba, at least for a short visit, and hope you return soon.

    • Hello Barb, Thank you for your lovely comment and for sharing your experience with Jojoba Hills as a home base. We loved the flowers, and saw some paired-up ducks and some turtles. But would love to be there to see the ducklings and baby turtles on a future visit. So glad you love it there so much. It is very special for sure. Thanks again. -M

  4. Early in our fulltime life came across Jojoba Hills by accident taking Hwy 74. We were really impressed. We are reconsidering leasing a lot there. I think it would be a great base at this point.


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