All About Thousand Trails Oregon: 7 Campgrounds

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Ready to explore the diverse landscapes of Oregon from the comfort of your RV? Our comprehensive guide to all seven Thousand Trails RV parks in beautiful Oregon covers where to stay and how to save!

From stunning coastline to lush forests and breathtaking mountains, we give you the scoop on each location, ensuring you get the best of what Oregon has to offer. 

So buckle up, it’s time to hit the road and join us for a trip around the 7 Thousand Trails campgrounds of Oregon.

For the last ten years, our most valuable tool for saving money on RV camping fees has been our Thousand Trails membership. We’ve written extensively about how it saves us thousands of dollars each year in our RV life. You’ll find all our Thousand Trails articles rounded up here in one handy place

In this article, you’ll get to know 7 Thousand Trails campgrounds around the beautiful state of Oregon. We have organized by type of membership needed to access them. We have personally visited all seven Thousand Trails RV parks in Oregon. 

There is another property – a tiny home community – on Thousand Trails’ website, however this is not accessible through any of the camping memberships. We’ve included it anyway, as it may interest some RVers looking for a change! These popular parks are all located in some pretty amazing locations, so let’s jump in!

Nationwide TT campgrounds

Overview of Access to Oregon Thousand Trails Membership Parks

The first thing you need to know is you don’t HAVE to be a member – that is, buy a camping membership – to stay at Thousand Trails campgrounds. Anyone can stay at the many Thousand Trails properties in Oregon (and around the country) at their public retail rates. These typically range from $35 and $75 a night. But, if you do have a Zone Pass or one of the upgraded Thousand Trails Memberships, you can stay for NO nightly fee at most of the Thousand Trails RV parks. 

Currently, 5 of the Thousand Trails RV parks in Oregon can be accessed with a zone pass or upgraded membership. Depending on your membership type, you could spend the majority of your RV travels bouncing around Oregon between these 5 parks!

But, by adding the Trails Collection add-on to the Thousand Trails Zone Pass or any other membership, you’ll get access to two additional membership RV parks in Oregon (up to 110 parks nationwide). This gives you access to a total of 7 Thousand Trails RV parks in Oregon. Most of these additional RV parks within the Trails Collection also allow you to stay with NO nightly fee, but some premium properties have a $20 nightly fee. 

What do you mean… I can camp for no nightly fee?

With the right kind of membership, it is entirely possible to stay 365 nights a year in Thousand Trails campgrounds in Oregon for no nightly fee. Yes, you read that right. Zero nightly fees for the year AND 190 RV parks nationwide.

As you can see, this is fantastic affordability if you plan to spend significant time in your RV, say as a full time, seasonal, or extended RV traveler. As full-time RVers for over six years, and now as seasonal / part time RVers, we continue to save thousands each year thanks to our camping membership.

Now, the above is a brief, high-level overview of membership benefits. To learn more about the various Thousand Trails membership levels, pricing, and value, you can find all our articles rounded up and do a deeper dive here.

But now you have a basic understanding of Thousand Trails, let’s explore the RV parks and resorts located in Oregon!


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types of TT campgrounds and quantity plus map of Oregon

Types of Thousand Trails Campgrounds in Oregon

There are two types of Thousand Trails RV resorts in Oregon. First, there are the regular Thousand Trails campgrounds. These RV parks are available with all membership levels. Of the 80 regular campgrounds in the Thousand Trails nationwide camping network, five of those are Thousand Trails Oregon campgrounds. Keep in mind, some Thousand Trails RV parks – like those in northern states, high elevations, or extreme temperatures – may only open seasonally, but many Oregon parks are open year-round. 

Second, there are the Thousand Trails ‘Destination Campgrounds’. These are only available to those who have added the Trails Collection Add-On to their existing Thousand Trails camping membership. There are 110 destination campgrounds nationwide, with two of them located in Oregon.

river with view near Thousand Trails Bend Oregon

Oregon Thousand Trails parks you can stay at with standard memberships

First, let’s introduce you to the five Oregon Thousand Trails campgrounds that are part of the regular Thousand Trails nationwide camping network of 80 campgrounds. Again, all of these five Oregon RV parks can be accessed for no nightly fee with any Thousand Trails membership.

couple cooking breakfast at RV site in Thousand Trails Bend Oregon

Us with our first RV on our first stay at Thousand Trails Bend, Oregon in 2014

Thousand Trails In Bend Oregon

We have stayed at Thousand Trails Bend-Sunriver multiple times over the years and love this park and location. Bend-Sunriver is a beautiful area with plenty of attractions for outdoor enthusiasts. Among our favorites are the fantastic biking trails of the Sunriver area. You’ll also find excellent hiking, kayaking, river activities, restaurants, breweries, concerts, and much more.

Most of the standard Thousand Trails membership RV parks are along the Oregon coast. Bend-Sunriver is the furthest east Thousand Trails Oregon RV park. Though it is named Thousand Trails Bend-Sunriver, it is actually about four miles from Sunriver and 20 miles from Bend. It is located in a forested area, so the campsites feel more private and remote, yet you’re still close to plenty of action.

Amenities at Thousand Trails Bend-Sunriver

This resort is open year-round with 317 sites, including 15 rental cabins, cottages, and yurts. There is a store near the central check-in and many other amenities near the lodge. The resort also has five bathhouses and two dump stations. This is important because none of the sites have sewer hookups, only water and electric. Most RV sites only have 30-amp power. About 36 RV sites have 50amp power. Roads and sites are mostly dirt.

Thousand Trails Bend Sunriver is more of a rustic camping experience. But we really like this campground both for the laid-back, wooded feel of the park, and also for the beautiful surrounding area and attractions. Read our detailed review of this campground here.

tandara in Thousand trails bend sunriver campsite

Above: Our most recent RV at Bend-Sunriver in October 2023

Pacific City Oregon rv campsite

Pacific City in Cloverdale Oregon

Thousand Trails Pacific City is located on the central Oregon coast, less than two miles from Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area. There are lovely views from the campground and it is a very short walk to the beach!

Popular activities in the area include clamming, surfing, fishing, and hiking. During the winter, you can also do some whale watching. 

Amenities at Pacific City, Cloverdale Oregon

There are 305 RV sites, but only 43 have full hookups. Most RV sites just have water and electric connections. There are two dump stations and six shower buildings, making it easier to extend your stay without a sewer connection. If you don’t have an RV, Pacific City also offers 19 rental yurts and cabins.

This campground is pretty spaced out, with no big grids of sites, which helps make each campsite feel more private. The campground is hilly, and some of the turns are tight if you have a big rig. It is a unique campground in that some RV sites are in a lush coastal forest setting, but you will find more open, sunny sites in other areas of the park.

Pacific City has a covered pool if the weather is bad, since the resort is open year-round. And they updated the electrical to all campsites in spring 2023.

If you like staying connected, keep this in mind…

We really enjoyed our first stay here back in August 2014, even though it had minimal cellular coverage. We did manage to find a few sites with decent Verizon connectivity in section B! However, recent reviews state Verizon and T-Mobile are much better now. With that said, always use caution if you depend on coverage, and make sure you have a good RV mobile internet setupYou’ll find better satellite connectivity in the more open sections higher up in this campground.

our campsite at thousand trails in seaside oregon

Thousand Trails in Seaside Oregon

Seaside is one of the most popular Thousand Trails campgrounds in Oregon. It is an excellent location near the beach, with the friendly coastal city of Seaside only about a mile away.

The campground itself was well maintained when we visited. You’ll find it is very close to the beach area and Hwy 101. But the RV park itself is mainly surrounded by undeveloped open land, giving it a more peaceful, rural feel.

Local attractions include an air museum, aquarium, Lewis and Clark historical sites, plus the town of Seaside, with many restaurants. Seaside’s population is about 7,500.

Visit the beach for swimming and fishing when the weather is nice. Or visit the indoor swimming pool and spa. Seaside RV resort is about an hour north of Tillamook, home of the famous Tillamook Creamery, an extremely popular tourist attraction among cheese and ice cream lovers!

Amenities at Thousand Trails Seaside

This Oregon Thousand Trails Resort is open year-round, with 260 sites, including nine rental cabins. Seaside RV Resort is divided into two sections. The south section is only 30-amp power. The north section has a mix of 50 and 30amp.

Nearly all sites in both sections are back-in. But there are about eight pull-through sites in the south section. I believe all sites have full hookups. When blackberries are in season, you can pick them from the campground bushes.

When we first stayed here back in August 2014, we felt it was one of the best Thousand Trails parks we had visited. Mainly because of how well-maintained it was and its great location. Recent reviews align with our experience, saying it is well-maintained and one of the best in the Oregon Thousand Trails system — it has an excellent 8.1 star rating on RVLIFE.

TT south jetty campsite

South Jetty in Florence Oregon

This park is another favorite of ours, and some full-time RV friends of ours spend their year in Oregon, bouncing between South Jetty, Whaler’s Rest and other Oregon parks throughout the year, for no nightly fees. They have really learned how to maximize their Thousand Trails membership and RV on a budget!

South Jetty is open year-round and in a really unique location on the Oregon Coast. This RV park just off Highway 101, and only 2-3 miles from the amenities of Florence, which has a population of nearly 10,000. But this campground feels remote and far from town.

Thousand Trails South Jetty is also only two miles from the ocean and mostly lush forest. Some areas of the campground are so lush that you might see salamanders. Yet, it is also nearly adjacent to massive coastal sand dunes for hiking or Off-Highway-Vehicles (OHVs). 

This area also has 15 lakes for swimming, fishing, sailing, and water skiing. Three Rivers Casino is just three miles away, with good restaurants, a sports bar, and of course, all kinds of casino gaming.

Amenities at Thousand Trails South Jetty 

South Jetty RV Resort has 184 sites, including 11 rental cabins and yurts. About 50 of the RV sites have sewer connections (and are in high demand), but the rest are water and electricity only. There is a dump station at the RV park exit. And there are also eleven grey water dump stations throughout the park – an uncommon and welcome feature when sewer connections are unavailable. 

>>> PRO TIP: Learn how to dump your grey tank without breaking camp here

All RV sites are back-in, and with the dense vegetation, many feel entirely private. The internal roads are curvy and sometimes steep. And many of the sites have a lot of trees and vegetation, which can make for tricky parking. Which means this campground isn’t that great for big rigs. But it is do-able, so you will still find some RVs over 40 feet long in the RV park.

As mentioned above, we and our friends really enjoy staying here, and we would happily return. Reviews on RVLIFE are pretty good, averaging 6.5 stars.

Beautiful yaquina Head Lighthouse near Whalers Rest RV resort

Whalers Rest Thousand Trails in South Beach Oregon

Ocean lovers will love that this RV park is only 150 yards from the beach, just across the street on Highway 101. Swimming, scuba diving, and whale watching are all very popular, when in season. The campground also has an indoor pool and spa when the weather is less than ideal for being outdoors.

Drive about 10 miles north of the campground to visit Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area and Lighthouse (pictured above) in Newport. With its unique black cobblestone beach and coastal views, Yaquina Head is of the most beautiful lighthouses we’ve visited in all our travels. It’s a stark contrast to the other sandy beaches in the area.

Other attractions in the Newport area include Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum, Oregon Coast Aquarium, the port city of Newport, and the Chinook Winds Casino.

Amenities at Whalers Rest Thousand Trails

Whalers Rest is open year-round and has 164 sites, including rental cabins. All RV sites are full hookups. Most sites are back-ins, but there are about a dozen pull-through sites. Nearly all RV sites have 50 amp power too. The RV park is divided into two sections. RV sites in the north section are gravel, and the south section is mostly concrete pads.

Like much of the Oregon coast, cellular connectivity can be limited. However, recent reviews state that AT&T’s coverage is pretty good. You can also drive to Newport to work from a cafe or library. Whaler’s Rest is well-reviewed on RVLIFE, with an average of 7.2 stars.

Thousand Trails credit Bridge near Bend Oregon

Photo Credit: Thousand Trails

Two more Oregon RV parks you can stay at with the Trails Collection add-on

There are two destination campgrounds in Oregon available if you have added on the Trails Collection to your camping membership. These are around the Portland and Salem regions, inland from the coast. 

mount hood oregon thousand trails rv and mini

Mount Hood Village RV Resort, Welches Oregon

We stayed in August 2017, after the total Solar Eclipse event in Madras. (See our short video of our eclipse experience here.

Amenities at Mt Hood Village RV Resort

Mount Hood Village RV Resort is an extensive 140-acre, 380 RV site resort. It also has over 100 tiny homes, cabins, and cottages. Some areas of the RV park have dense forests offering more privacy. Other areas are more open to allow satellite access if needed.

The area surrounding the RV resort is a dense, lush forested area with rivers and mossy trees, which makes for beautiful hiking trails. There are tons of hiking and mountain biking trails in the area, as well as fishing, golfing, and rock climbing

This RV park is the only full-service RV resort in the area and has some excellent amenities, including an indoor pool, lodge, and restaurant. If you want to visit the city, it is about a 45 minute drive to Portland. 

You can also read our more in-depth review of Mount Hood Village RV Resort. It is well-reviewed on RVLIFE with 7.4 stars from recent campers, so it still appears to be a great place to visit.

rvs in sites at thousand trails portland oregon

Portland Fairview RV Resort

Portland Fairview RV Resort is one of the few Thousand Trails, Trails Collection RV resorts requiring a $20 nightly fee. Most Trails Collection parks have no nightly fee. But it’s still well worth the price!

This RV park near Portland Oregon is open year-round, easily accessed from I-84, and an easy drive to Columbia River Gorge, Multnomah Falls and Bridal Veil Falls. All are great for a day trip, with excellent hiking trails, and many other cute towns and attractions to visit. 

If you’re looking for a big city vibe, you’ll find plenty of good restaurants, shopping, and entertainment just 14 miles away in downtown Portland Oregon. With a population of more than 640,000 Portland traffic can be heavy. Be patient if you’re trying to find a parking spot near the popular Japanese Garden. We never did, but it’s often easier to snag a spot to explore the lovely Hoyt Arboretum.

This park is also about 18 miles from Vancouver, Washington. Our stay coincided with a visit to the headquarters for Roadmaster, so we could install new four-down towing equipment for our new Jeep. So it’s a convenient location for RVers also looking to do that.

Amenities at Portand Fairview RV Resort

This Thousand Trails Oregon RV park has 407 RV sites. All are full hookups, and most are concrete pads and relatively level. Another welcome bonus is most RV sites are pull-through sites, making it much easier to navigate, especially with big rigs.

When we stayed in 2017, the park had an age restriction policy on RVs. However, at the time of writing this post, the campground’s general rules and policies shown on the Thousand Trails’ website did not state RV-age-restrictions.

Please note that rules and policies can vary from campground to campground, even within the Thousand Trails camping network. These can change at any time without notice. So we recommend checking the website for the latest park policies when making a reservation.

We thought this RV park was very nice when we stayed. Recent reviews on RVLIFE confirm this park is still a solid choice, with a rating of 6.6 stars. 


New TT Memberships (Pat and Joanna)

Yes, Please send me the latest info and special promotions on Thousand Trails memberships.

A new Tiny Home Community in Oregon

If you happen to visit the Thousand Trails website, you may also notice another property listed for Oregon. This is a bit of an outlier, as it’s not an RV park. And it is NOT a property Thousand Trails members can stay at with their camping membership. But it is a property that is managed by ELS (the Thousand Trails parent company). It may be something many RVers are interested in learning about, so let’s take a look.

Thousand Trails credit Hope Valley tiny homes

Photo Credit: Thousand Trails

Hope Valley Resort in Turner Oregon

Hope Valley Resort is a relatively new tiny home community with owner-occupied, leased sites on beautifully landscaped plots. No RV or Rental accommodations are available at Hope Valley. And it is NOT part of any Thousand Trails camping memberships. But if you’re exploring the idea of the stationary tiny home lifestyle, Hope Valley Resort does offer beautiful park model homes for sale.

The Thousand Trails’ website lists Hope Valley Resort as being near Bend, Oregon, which is a bit misleading. Hope Valley Resort is actually 126 miles from Bend in Turner, which is part of Salem, Oregon, metropolitan area in Willamette Valley.

The developers only broke ground on this property in 2015. So, all the amenities and buildings are quite new and likely in excellent shape. It looks like a lovely place, from photos on the Hope Valley Resort website, which says they they offer “a luxurious yet understated way of life for residents who want to downsize from their current living situation.” Perhaps some RVers who are ready to find a small stationary home base and community, will find this an attractive option.

More about this tiny home community

According to online reviews from residents, the original builders/developers defaulted on their loans, and Hope Valley Resort is under new ownership/ management. Being on Thousand Trails’ website, we assume it is now owned / managed by Equity Lifestyle Properties (Thousand Trails parent company). We expect this is a recent change, as the Thousand Trails website doesn’t display any guidelines, policies, rules, or resort map yet.

All that said, Hope Valley Resort looks very nice, and it’s great to see an interesting new addition to the Equity Lifestyle Properties portfolio, even if it’s not available as part of the Thousand Trails camping network.

Interested in a tiny home in Oregon? Learn more about the Hope Valley Resort tiny home community, or email or call (503) 371-0555 for more information.

Summary of Oregon Thousand Trails

That’s a wrap on our scenic tour of all the options offered by Thousand Trails in Oregon. Each gives you a unique glimpse into the properties, with something for every kind of adventurer. We have loved our stays at all seven Oregon campgrounds. And you can’t beat the savings, with most of our stays having no nightly fee. 

So before you hit the road, consider how a Thousand Trails Camping Membership could save you big on camping fees. If you aren’t already a member and would like to learn more, you can do a deeper dive into our extensive articles here. Learn all your options for how to buy a Thousand Trails camping membership. Or simply complete the form below for more info, a quote, and how to get an exclusive “RVLove” discount from the membership specialists we recommend.

Have you stayed at any of these resorts? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below! OK it’s time to pack your RV and start your journey, saving money along the way. Safe travels and we look forward to hearing about your Oregon experiences.

Thousand Trails Reps Joanna and Pat Chesapeake

How To Buy A Thousand Trails Membership

If you don’t already have a Thousand Trails camping membership, and want to learn about the options and prices, here are the ways you can do that: 

New TT Memberships (Pat and Joanna)

Yes, Please send me the latest info and special promotions on Thousand Trails memberships.

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