33 Awesome RV Gift Ideas for Any Budget: Holiday Gift Guide 2022

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It’s here! Our annual holiday gift guide for 2022, and it’s packed with both fun and practical ideas for RV lovers, travelers and adventurers! You’ll find 33 more awesome, fresh, and fun gift ideas for ANY budget, in this year’s collection. From RV and adventure gear, to electronics and entertainment, there’s something for everyone… adults, kids, even pets. And every kind of RV owner – big, small, trailer, or motorhome. Prices range from just $6 to several hundred bucks, with most gifts under $50. Scroll through to browse the entire selection for inspiration, as items are listed in no particular order.

Many are found in our Amazon store: https://www.amazon.com/shop/rvlove

These are almost all items we own and love, but a couple of things are included as they are on our wish list. Or they’re products we think you may love, and/or they have a crazy good sale or special offer running that you simply HAVE to know about!

There’s a lot of other RV gear that we use, recommend, and have shared in previous year’s holiday guides. You’ll discover hundreds more items for RV life and travel, when you visit (or re-visit) our other gift guides You’ll find those links in the grey box below, for convenience. Now, let’s jump in!

PS. Some (not all) of the links shared may earn us a small commission when you use them to make a purchase. This does NOT cost you any extra. Using our links is an easy way to keep the free content flowing. So we humbly thank you in advance. Either way, enjoy!

Here are our 33 Awesome RV Gift Ideas

1. Show Off Your Adventures with HX Tags

These collectible aluminum hexagonal tags inspire you to “live it, love it, tag it”. They are a fun alternative to collecting vinyl decals or stickers to share your adventures anywhere you like – your RV, car or truck, laptop, even a curved surface like a water bottle. The tags are available in a huge variety, from types of adventures, national parks, states, flags and many other interests. Each tag has a consistent shape and size that allows you to create a cluster pattern. Made of aluminum, they hold up better to harsh conditions, lasting much longer. Some are black on silver, and some are colored. Custom HX tags are also available for special events. 

Note: Click the arrow to the second image. We initially applied them to the inside front panel of our slide. However, we’re going to move them to the back of the RV instead. Since they are thicker than a sticker, we don’t want to risk them causing additional wear and tear on slide seals, if applied to slide-out.

HX Tags are about $10 each. They have a Black Friday “Buy 2 Tags, Get 1 Free” promotion running (no code required). You will also save 20% on your total order when you use the code RVLOVE at checkout.

2. Laugh and Learn with the Subpar Parks Book

“America’s Most Extraordinary National Parks and Their Least Impressed Visitors 

This book is a collection of reviews posted online by people who were unimpressed by their National Park visits. Many of them are hilarious! More than that, the book is also filled with great historical information and tips on the National Parks, accompanied by nice illustrations by the author. We have visited many of these Parks in our RV travels and loved them all for their own reasons. So it’s comical to compare our memories to the less-than-enthusiastic reviews gathered by the author for this book. Example: Here’s what someone had to say about one of our faves, Crater Lake: “Just something to look at and leave”. LOL. We don’t agree, but as the saying goes “One person’s trash is another one’s treasure”. If you like this kind of humor, grab a copy! 

3. Intoval Charging Station for Apple Watch, iPhone, and AirPods

If, like us, you get tired of all the mess and clutter of wired chargers for your Apple devices, you will love this 3-in-one charger. It is sleek, saves space, and convenient. And we can keep our Apple devices together! Compatible with with iPhones 11 and newer, all Apple Watches, and AirPods with a wireless charging case. The iPhone will charge whether it is on the stand vertically or horizontally, so you can use the charging stand while still using your phone if you like.

4. RV LIFE Pro with RVTripWizard, RV-Safe GPS

After 8+ years of RV travel, the best RV trip planner we have found so far is RV Trip Wizard. This powerful, online trip planning tool provides RV-Safe GPS Directions, and integrates with the RVLIFE App and RV Life Pro suite of tools, which now also includes Maintain My RV. We use RV Trip Wizard all the time to plan our big RV road trips, find great campgrounds along the way, find gas stations, and and confirm RV-safe routes for our rig. All while tracking our a budget and expenses for each trip. 

We plan our routes using RV Trip Wizard on our computer (web browser) then access the trip in the RV LIFE app on our smart phones. By entering our RV-specific data, like height and weight, it helps us avoid low clearances, steep grades and propane restrictions as we travel from state to state. Proper route planning is key to reducing stress, increasing safety, and avoiding potential incidents while driving an RV. 

Use code RVLOVE25 to save 25% on RV LIFE Pro, with 7 day free trial

5. Rufflyfe Crate Conversion Kit – Dog Carrier

Looking for a great way to bring your dog along with you on your bike? This is one of the best solutions we have found. We initially tried towing our pup Sunny in a trailer behind the bike, but this Rufflyfe DIY crate insert has been much better. It makes for a smoother ride, and allows pups to be nice and close to their pawrent. The flexible design works with either a 12x12x12″ or 12x12x18” crate (sold separately). 

Your pup will stay nice and secure with a unique collar harness that attaches to the four corners of the crate you choose. Designed for dogs weighing 20-45 lbs, assuming your bike has appropriate carrying capacity. Our 35lb mini goldendoodle Sunny rides in the larger crate on the back of Marc’s Blix Packa Genie which is rated for far more. The crate also comes in handy for carrying other items when running errands without the dog.

6. London Sip Stovetop Espresso Maker

We really like this style of coffee maker as it’s easy and makes a great brew. In fact, we have this in two different sizes! This smaller version says it brews 6 cups (of espresso) but we get two 8oz cups of coffee from one brew. This size is perfect for our RV. We use the larger version at home when making coffee for guests. This London Sip pot is made of stainless steel, which can be used on induction, electric, gas/propane cooktops, and doesn’t have the metal taste or health risks associated with aluminum pots. Simple, durable and no need for electricity, so it works great while out bondocking too. We have had ours for years and still love them. 

7. Keen Voyageur Hiking Shoes

Keen’s makes many types of shoes, and Marc has been a huge Keen’s fan for over 20 years. Julie recently started walking 5 miles a day, and when her runners gave up, she decided to order and try on over a dozen pairs of walking shoes and boots in various brands and styles. She immediately fell in love with these Keen Voyageurs, which were immediately comfortable to wear from day one. They are ideal for daily walks, and even some hiking. Keen shoes are known for quality, support, and for having a slightly larger toe-box than other shoes. These are well worth the $100-ish price tag! Keen’s makes Voyageurs for both women and men. We highly recommend!

8. Where Should We Camp Next: National Parks

The Best Campgrounds and Unique Outdoor Accommodations In and Around National Parks, Seashores, Monuments, and More”

This soon-to-be-released book is the highly anticipated follow up book by RV camping legends, Jeremy and Stephanie Puglisi’s who also co-authored the remarkably successful “Where Should We Camp Next – a 50-State Guide to Amazing Campgrounds & Other Unique Outdoor Accommodations”. This latest book is focused on National Parks, with 300+ camping recommendations in and around America’s National Parks, Monuments, Seashores etc. 

Go beyond the handful of most well known locations to create truly wonderful and memorable vacation experiences. Includes advice on area attractions and activities to help you plan your whole trip, whether close to home or a cross country adventure. The book is available for pre-order now. Just know it won’t ship until April 2023. It will be a wonderful surprise when it shows up, for you or someone you love!

9. Apple Air Tags and Keyring Cases

Apple Air Tags are a handy and affordable way to keep track of your items. These small, compact tags can be attached to your key ring, placed in a wallet or purse pocket, gym bag, or luggage. Maybe even attach to your pet’s harness, hide on your bike, in your RV, car/truck, or anywhere else you can imagine. 

AirTags use Bluetooth technology and the Find My App to determine the precise location of your item. It can also transmit sound with a built in speaker to help you find it. If your air tag is further away, it can tap into the network of hundreds of millions of other Apple devices, as long as one is nearby. So it may not work as well in less populated areas. Note it’s NOT a GPS tracker. You can even set up alerts for lost items. 

You can buy them individually or as a 4-pack. We bought 4 air tags and the key ring style holder, and they have helped us find ‘misplaced’ items a few times already. Air Tags are powered by a CR2032 lithium 3V coin battery, which last about a year before needing replacement. You’ll get a notification on your device to advise when battery is low.

10. Blix Electric Bikes – Now On Sale

Electric bikes are a fantastic way to get around efficiently, without having to worry about whether or not you have the stamina to make it up that hill or get back home! Julie got her first VIKA+ electric folding bike by Blix Bike for over 4 years ago and still loves it, squealing “it’s brought the joy of biking back to me!” You can watch our video test ride and review of Julie’s first Blix VIKA+ electric folding bike here. 

We are both big Blix bike fans, and both our our new ebikes have won “best value” in their categories at Bicycling.com. Blix offers several styles of electric bikes – folding and non folding. Here are our our in-depth reviews on Julie’s new Vika Flex (folding ebike) and Marc’s Packa Genie cargo ebike. We have had these electric bikes since December 2021 and ridden hundreds of awesome miles in several states. 

Blix Bike currently has a big Holiday sale with up to $300 off, depending on which model you choose. Our normal RVLOVE coupon code, available year round, provides $50 off: If you buy a Blix Bike during their current sale, use the link below, then email us your Blix Bike receipt. And we will send you a personally signed copy of our bestselling book RV Hacks to welcome you to the Blix Bike / RVLove community! 

Fun Fact: RV Hack #43 suggests using an electric bike as a local, affordable and convenient option for exploring, instead of having to tow a vehicle behind your RV.

11. Giro Adult Recreational Bicycling Helmet (MIPS)

Marc is both an avid cyclist and safety conscious, and never gets on the bike saddle without a helmet. Protect your noggin with a great quality bike helmet like this one from Giro. Make sure it is MIPS certified: Multi-directional Impact Protection System! Good quality helmets usually also have multiple adjustments for fitment, including a tightening knob on the back to ensure it doesn’t slide around on your head. The link below is the newest helmet we recently bought for Marc’s birthday. These helmets are available in a variety of sizes and colors.

12. National Parks Journal For Kids

“Log and Remember Your Awesome Outdoor Adventures”

The National Parks Journal for Kids is a new book by fellow RVers, the awesome Jason and Abby Epperson of RV Miles. Visiting a national park is an amazing opportunity to learn about the world around us, encounter plants and wildlife, and see beautiful views. Make the trip even more exciting for kids with this colorful, illustrated journal that helps your junior rangers capture everything they experience along the way. 

13. Find and Book Campsites with New Arvie Tool

Tired of spending hours on travel planning and camping reservations – only to find many places are booked out? Arvie.com is a new campground booking tool that you can use to search for current campsite availability. Arvie does the work for you, searching for canceled reservations and and even booking your requests while you sleep. Simply tell Arvie where you want to camp and your preferred dates, then let it do all the work for you. 

Currently available for searching over 4,000 campgrounds, Arvie is expanding quickly! There is no need to constantly search for openings at your favorite camping spots. Depending on your membership level, Arvie can run multiple campsite searches simultaneously. Try Arvie out with a Free 7 Day Trial, sign up for their flexible monthly “pause it” plan, or save with an annual membership. Arvie has offered our RV Love community a 10% discount with the code: RVLOVE

14. Wine Aerator to Make Wine Even Better

This is a great and affordable gift for the red wine drinkers on your Christmas list! Wine aerators infuse the wine with oxygen as it pours through it, which improves the taste and texture of red wines. So, it will make cheap wines taste good, and good wines taste even better. We like this one because you don’t need to pour as fast as others to have the effect work. It is a nice design that also reduces splattering and a much nicer pour in general. And the aerator is visually obvious so you won’t end up accidentally throwing it out while it’s still attached to the wine bottle (who would do that!?) For under ten bucks, you’ll make your red wine drinking friends very happy.

15. Joyride Dog Harness and Life is Good Leash

The Joyride dog harness has been great for our pup Sunny. We have now bought two of these, in two different sizes as Sunny grew from a tiny pup to the 35lb dog that he is today! We have been impressed with the quality and adjustability, to maintain a good fit. The design of the Joyride harness makes it easy to put on and remove, is comfortable for the dog, and reduces pulling compared to other styles of harness. 

They are available in 6 different sizes to fit dogs ranging from as small as 5 pounds to as much as 140 pounds. Fashion conscious doggos will also be happy to hear that they are available in a variety of colors and designs. Sunny currently sports the blue harness, to match his “Life is Good – Lucky Dog” leash. We like the positive brand messaging, fun design and quality. These are available in two sizes, both of which are six feet long. The ⅝” size is intended for smaller dogs, and the 1” size for larger dogs. If you look at the pic closely, you’ll also spot an AirTag in blue case (see above).

16. Beanie Hat With Built-In Rechargeable LED Light

We bought these recently for the convenience of having a light source while keeping our hands free. This has come in super handy when out walking the dog, and when going outside the RV (or at home) to get – or fix – something. The light has three levels of brightness toggled by pressing the same button at the front. 

Yes, the one that kinda makes us look like Minions. LOL. But we’re more focused on the practical benefits than trying to win style awards. The beanie is comfy, keeps you warm on chilly mornings and nights, and the light isn’t heavy so you don’t feel it at all. You can get up to 8 hours of light out of a single charge, and light/battery is both removable and rechargeable, using a USB port. Just remember to remove the light before throwing your beanie in the laundry! Available in a variety of colors. 

17. Portable Tripod and Smart Phone Holder

This portable tripod has been really great for our traveling life – we use it a LOT. We actually have another, higher quality tripod that we have used for years, but it’s also heavier, and more complex (and time consuming) to set up. This super light weight yet sturdy tripod is very quick and easy to open or close and adjust. We mainly only use this to hold our smart phones or Pivo camera (featured further down in our guide) and it is relatively stable. 

This tripod extends up to 63″ high, and the legs can be positioned in a narrow stance (shown in the second picture) or a slightly wider stance. While our other, bigger tripod is better on highly uneven surfaces, or when using bigger camera equipment, we find ourselves using this lightweight tripod about 90% of the time. It’s great to toss in a backpack when on-the-go, especially as we use our smart phones (Apple iPhone 13 Pro) for the vast majority of our photos and video work now.

Also featured in the photos above is a separate smart phone phone holder which is handy to carry with you and attach to any tripod for capturing footage. Lightweight, yet sturdy enough to hold just about any size smart phone. It is also adjustable so you can mount your phone horizontally or vertically, depending on what orientation of photo/video you want to capture. Normally $11.89, this is now on sale for $6.70, so about half price and well worth it. It’s even handy to keep this on the tripod when doing Zoom or FaceTime calls.

18. LITO Outdoor Tablecloth with Straps and Bag

We like brightening up our campsite with a colorful tablecloth… but even more importantly, we do it for hygiene reasons too. We don’t want to gross you out but have you ever thought about what may have been on that public picnic table before got there? We’ve seen everything from sewer hoses to dogs, and bird poop. You name it. So we cover ours with a LITO picnic tablecloth. 

They come with straps so you can secure it in place – great or windy days! And it comes with a handy LITO carry bag to keep everything together. They fit any size table and are easy to wipe down. Don’t worry if the bright yellow hibiscus that Julie picked isn’t your style, they have many more designs and colors to choose from! LITO is an acronym for Luxury in the Outdoors and they recently added some new outdoor products to their range. 

Use coupon code RVLOVE to save $5 off orders over $50.

19. Harvest Host Membership – Holiday Promotion

We’ve been Harvest Host members for many years. It’s a terrific membership that not only allows us to overnight for free in our RV – at unique locations like wineries, breweries, attractions, golf clubs, farms and more! But enables us to have truly unique and memorable experiences that you just can’t put a price on! Like that time we parked by grapevines, watching fireflies dance at night in Virginia. Magical!

Or that morning we were woken by cows mooing outside our RV, while parked in a field at a distillery on the Wyoming / Nebraska border (see pic above). Then there’s the ticklish experience of hand feeding alpacas, touring historic homes, or shopping for fresh produce. Overnight stays are free, but guests are encouraged to support businesses with a purchase. We love our Harvest Hosts membership, and so will you. It’s the gift that keeps on giving… all year long…with stays you won’t ever forget!

Special Holiday Season sale: 30% off via link below, includes gift certificates.

20. ThermoPro Digital Meat Thermometer

We’re big on RV safety, and food safety too! We have used thermometers for years to make sure our food is safe, and steals are cooked exactly how we want. But this ThermoPro is SO much better than the previous (Weber) one we had. We use this ThermoPro nearly every day (we cook a lot of chicken – safe when internal temp reaches 165F). Here’s what we love about it. It’s easy to open and operate. And the motion sensor enables the large ‘easy to read’ digital display to appear when you extend the 4.3″ food grade stainless steel probe. 

The large 2” backlit screen rotates 180 degrees if needed. It cleans quickly and easily, and turns off when you close the probe into the handle. It can even lock the temperature if you want to read it further away from the heat source. If you cook a lot – as we do – whether it’s on the BBQ, stovetop, or oven – it is definitely worth paying extra for a good quality meat thermometer, but right now, this one is on sale, if you don’t mind orange (instead of black). Normally $24.99, the orange ThermoPro is now on sale at 40% off, for $13.59.

21. Ease Anxiety with Rescue Remedy for Pets

Does your pet get stressed on travel days? Or when you leave them at home alone or in the RV? Consider trying a few drops of Rescue Remedy for Pets. These natural stress relief drops (a Bach flower remedy) are recommended for dogs, cats, horses, rabbits and lizards. It’s a non-sedative tincture that you can use before or during situations that might be stressful for your pet. It could be a ride in the car or RV, visits to groomers, or when there are loud noises. 

We simply add a few drops to our dog Sunny’s drinking water, or directly under his tongue, before long car rides, or when being left alone, to help keep him calm. Julie has also used Rescue Remedy (for humans) drops for decades, and found it to be extremely effective. (She says her grandmother swore by it!) Rescue Remedy can also be used in addition to other remedies like thunder shirts or other health and wellness products, including stress medications.

22. Hydrate Sustainably with Nalgene Water Bottle

We like to drink a lot of water, and carrying this BPA-free 32 oz Nalgene bottle helps us stay hydrated, while tracking our daily water intake. Not all bottles are created equal, and Nalgene is well known for making high quality, durable and genuinely BPA-free drinking water bottles. Now, they have a new ‘Sustain’ bottle style made with 50% recycled plastics. We love the wide mouth version that makes it easier to fill or add ice cubes. The lid loop makes it easy to hold and carry water-on-the-go, and the measurement levels on the side show both ounces and millileters. We aim to fill and drink 2-3 of these bottles of water daily for optimal health and hydration. This has become Julie’s latest must-have for everyday adventures and even weight loss!

23. Hit the Road with These Two Bestselling Books

Looking for some RV inspiration, or handy tips and tricks to make life on the road easier? Maybe someone you know is considering the RV life and doesn’t know where to start!? We’ve got you covered, with these 2 useful resources.

  • Our newest, bestselling book RV Hacks: 400+ Ways to Make Life on the Road Easier, Safer and More Fun is organized into 6 chapters: Driving; RV Repairs & Maintenance; Campgrounds and Boondocking; RV Living (cooking, decor, storage); Working on the Road; Internet; Families, Kids & Pets. Featuring illustrations and real-world hacks and ‘saved the day’ stories from us and some of your favorite RVers. Whether you’re camping down the road, or taking a cross-country RV trip, you’ll never stress over an RV problem again! This book has over 800 5-star reviews, and is available in print, digital, and spiral-bound from amazonApple BooksBarnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, Apple Books, Google Play, as well as independent bookstores, RV dealers and campgrounds. A must-have handy resource for every RVer to keep on hand.

  • “Living the RV Life – Your Ultimate Guide to Life on the Road” is your roadmap to understanding the ins and outs of life on the road (full time or part time) in an RV. You’ll learn everything from planning, prep and budgeting, to the different kinds of RVs, RV systems and safety, downsizing, the emotional journey, travel destinations and tips, and learn from real world RVer case studies. Travel aspiration meets practical RV education in this beautiful, 256 page, full color, book, jam packed with practical advice, guidance, costs, and gorgeous photos that will inspire you to start packing! A bestseller in its 3rd print run with well over 800 reviews. Available in print and digital at Target, amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, independent bookstores, Google Play, Apple Books. You can also listen and learn, in the professionally narrated audiobook. Sign up for a free 30 day trial of Audible to listen to this and other audiobooks.

  • See all options for RV Hacks: http://www.rvlove.com/rvhacks
  • See all options for Living the RV Life: http://www.rvlove.com/livingthervlife

24. Get Connected with Mobile Internet Router

As RVers who work from the road, our top priority is having a reliable and stable mobile internet solution, as our work depends on it. We have been using a Pepwave router from Mobile Must Have for about 4 years now. In our opinion, this provides the most consistent, stable and fast internet of any connectivity tool. That is probably also why this technology is what is typically found in military, police and emergency vehicles. There are several available options and price points. But our router has the ability to simultaneously use data from two cellular carriers (for redundancy), and we boost the signal with a rooftop antenna. While this solution isn’t cheap, it IS what makes our RV traveling life and running our business possible. We can’t put a price on the importance and peace of mind that comes with reliable internet connectivity. You can learn about our mobile internet solution and other options in this in-depth post.

Use code RVLOVE to save 5% on all purchases at Mobile Must Have

25. Pickleball Paddle and Balls Set With Carry Case

In case you hadn’t noticed, pickleball is a super popular sport in many campgrounds and RV parks. Have you ever tried it? We are not competitive players, but we do love a casual, lighthearted game of pickleball. It’s such a happy game! So we picked up this compact set which includes 2 paddles, 4 pickleballs and a carry case. It is lightweight and doesn’t take up a lot of space in our RV or car. There’s an 8% discount right now on Amazon, but if you look closely at the listing, you should also see a little checkbox for 30% off which makes this even better value!

26. Power Up With Battle Born Lithium Batteries

Lithium batteries have a lot of advantages over traditional batteries. They are lighter in weight, can accept charge faster, have more usable energy, and longer lifespans. While we personally love them, lithium batteries aren’t for everyone. If you only stay in campgrounds with electric hookups, or you don’t plan on keeping your RV for long, lithium may not be worth it for you.

But we love the additional freedom and capabilities offered by our lithium batteries. Battle Born is the most sought after battery on the market today, manufactured by a company that we know, trust and has excellent customer service. 

We installed our first set of Battle Born lithium batteries (6 x 100ah) in our full time RV in 2018, powering a complete off-grid RV renovation. We’ve been huge fans of Battle Born and their game changing lithium-ion batteries ever since. We’ve installed them in three of our four RVs, the latest being 2 x 75ah drop-in replacements into our Class C RV, significantly increasing our capacities. Visit their website or call for current offers.

27. Keep Your Health on Track with Apple Watch

After not wearing a watch for 20+ years, Julie decided she wanted an Apple Watch for her birthday in January this year. She wanted to improve her health and fitness, and reasoned it would be useful to help her stay motivated, for tracking and reaching health and wellness goals. It took her a few months to get into the habit, but now Julie has a perfect score of ‘closing her rings’ (calories burned, walking minutes, standing minutes) for over 70 consecutive days. The Apple Watch is also handy for tracking steps, checking heart rate, measuring blood oxygen and cardio fitness etc. She also likes it for occasional phone calls, using Apple Wallet/Apple Pay when she leaves her phone/wallet behind, and many other cool apps and features. 

Apple Watches are available in different models, sizes and colors, and the bands are very easy to swap out if you want to mix things up. This link below is to a renewed 40mm size Series 6 watch like the one Julie has, and it’s priced at $245. Do you really need the newer, more expensive version? Julie doesn’t. She has the GPS version, with no cellular plan and loves it! The Apple Watch has definitely enhanced Julie’s health!

28. RVing Across America: A Quest to Visit 50 States

If you don’t know Alyssa Padgett and her husband Heath, this 20-something couple of newlyweds set off in an old Class CV RV for a one-year working honeymoon, back in 2014. In RVing Across America, Alyssa recounts their early days of RV traveling, as they attempted to achieve the goal of working in all 50 states, while filming a documentary about it. In the meantime, all the things you might expect can go wrong – with a very old motorhome and two young inexperienced RVers – happens, and then some! Alyssa’s light hearted and fun writing style takes you on a journey across the country that every RVer will be able to relate to, cringe, and laugh at, simultaneously!

Note: we received a pre-release copy, hence the grey stripe across the cover. Your copy of the book won’t have this.

29. Save 10% on a Custom Mattress for RV, Boat, Home

Give yourself the gift of a good night’s sleep! Sleep is super important to us, and so is a comfortable, quality mattress. In 2017, we got rid of the (ahem) ‘upgraded’ mattress in our first RV and replaced it with a custom mattress from MattressInsider.com. We were shocked at the improvement, especially as Marc was no longer waking up with back pain! We visited their ‘build-a-bed’ mattress showroom while in Denver and learned all about what’s most important when shopping for a mattressWhen we switched RVs, we ordered the exact same mattress for our second motorhome and did an unboxing video and follow up review

When we sold that RV, we kept that Queen mattress for our new home base. Earlier this year, we bought our current motorhome and decided to install a new custom J-shaped mattress. We were able to order it in the exact height, length and width we wanted, and with specific comfort layers. We decided to make it slightly less wide than the original mattress, so it didn’t jam against the bathroom door, and made it easier to make the bed. It was delivered to our door, in an organic cotton cover – all rolled up which made it easy to get into the RV. It was set up within minutes with NO smell!  We ordered the custom sheets and mattress protector to fit as well.

MattressInsider.com makes it easy for you to simply call and order your mattress by phone. Their mattress experts will ask questions to help work out the best layers for your sleeping style. They make your mattress in the USA (in any size or shape) for your RV, boat or home and ship it direct to you for free, with a 121-night guarantee. See how the mattress arrives in our unboxing post with video and watch it expand! This is hands down one of the BEST upgrades we’ve made to our RVs. 

HOW TO SAVE 10% WITH CODE: RVLOVE (year round)

  • Order a mattress and mention / enter code: RVLOVE to save 10%
  • To Order, call a mattress expert at: 720-487-1884, OR
  • Order Online at: www.MattressInsider.com
  • Wait for your mattress to arrive, and have the best night’s sleep!

30. Save with Thousand Trails Annual Camping Pass

This is the camping membership we started out with back in 2014. Since then, we have stayed at Thousand Trails campgrounds for well over 800 nights over the years. If you don’t already know about Thousand Trails, it’s a camping network with over 80 locations around the country, divided up into 5 zones. Each zone has 13-23 locations where you can camp up to 14 nights at a time, at no nightly fee. The Annual Zone Camping Pass is normally $630 for a whole year of camping. You can often get a discounted price through our contacts below.

The more you use your TT membership, the more you’ll save and it can literally bring your nightly camping fees down to just a few dollars a night. The Annual Camping Pass is a great way to test the waters with Thousand Trails without having to make a big commitment. It gives you a chance to see if it’s right for you, before investing more into one of the upgrade options, as we did after about 4 months. We have written a TON about Thousand Trails over the years, so if you want to learn more, you’ll find all our articles rounded up here. We share lots of information and tips, and ways to buy at the best possible price. 


  • Buy from the TT Membership Specialists we know, trust and recommend: Call Jim Reneau on 770-622-4188 or email [email protected]
  • Mention RVLove to get the best price available

31. Like Your Own Camera Person, with Pivo Pod

We’ve been downsizing our camera equipment to more portable devices, and while ww mostly use our iPhone 13 Pro’s, we decided to add the Pivo Pod to our arsenal. This is a very cool and unique tool for capturing footage as you don’t need to operate it yourself! The Pivo is especially valuable if you don’t have a second person around to hold the camera. The Pivo Pod acts like a camera person in that it can follow your movement with motion sensing. 

It works surprisingly well, able to track a full 360 degrees, and remains more stable than a person since it is mounted on a tripod. It comes in very handy when trying to capture both of us together, say riding our bikes. This one also comes with a remote control. But we mostly control the Pivo using the app on our iPhones. There are a few different models available, as well as bundles that include a smart mount, and a travel case. We also bought the Pivo tripod (see above).

32. Jackery Solar Generator Bundles

We have been researching these for a while, and heard many great reports from trusted sources. So while we don’t have one of these yet, it is on our wishlist. Our RV is great in that is has rooftop solar and Battle Born Batteries. But we also want a fully portable power source that is separate from the RV, to power our small devices and our Dometic cooler (featured in the 2019 Gift Guide). It will be handy for when we are boondocking in our RV, and also when we are out and about in our Jeep. 

These solar generator bundles can power many devices. There are smaller and larger units available, depending on your power demands. Having the compatible and compact folding solar panels mean that this is an easy go-anywhere and stay powered solution. You can compare prices against Amazon using the links below.

33. Hilarious Grinz Rubber Ball Dog Toy

We thought it would fun to wrap this gift guide up with something simple yet fun. We love this dog toy, and so does our pup Sunny! We get a huge laugh from it when he happens to pick it up just right. It is a durable rubber ball with a hole in it, so it can also be used as a treat dispenser for the right size treats. The Grinz balls are available in three different sizes and at least four different colors. We mostly just play fetch with ours, but this ball has brought us all huge value, in grins per dollar. Prices range from $11.50–$20 depending on the size. Loads of fun for you AND your dog!

Happy Holidays!

We hope you got some great ideas and inspiration from this year’s holiday gift guide. Did anything catch your attention? What else are you interested in that we haven’t covered? Let us know in the comments below!

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving, a very Merry Christmas and a relaxing holiday season from both of us! 

– Julie and Marc

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