All About Thousand Trails in Arizona: 22 RV Parks

If you like to RV in Arizona in the winter AND you love to save money on camping, this article is for you. Arizona is a great state for staying at Thousand Trails RV resort locations if you have the right camping membership. Especially if you are age 55 or older, as you can access

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How to Photograph an Eclipse And Watch It Safely

Taking stunning photos of an eclipse is a goal for many photography enthusiasts. In this post, our guest photography expert, Richard Schneider, founder of Picture Correct and creator of Photography Cheat Sheets, shares essential tips and valuable knowledge on safely capturing and observing an eclipse.  With the last USA total eclipse for 20 years fast

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1250 x 750 Oregon Thousand Trails featured image

All About Thousand Trails Oregon: 7 Campgrounds

Ready to explore the diverse landscapes of Oregon from the comfort of your RV? Our comprehensive guide to all seven Thousand Trails RV parks in beautiful Oregon covers where to stay and how to save! From stunning coastline to lush forests and breathtaking mountains, we give you the scoop on each location, ensuring you get

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Thousand Trails Escape Membership – What You Need To Know

If you’re looking for a more affordable way to camp in your RV travels, you may want to consider the new, more budget-friendly program called Thousand Trails Escape Membership. In this post, we will explain how it compares to their other membership offerings, and who the Escape Membership is ideal for. But if you’re not already

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featured image marc holding car generator

CarGenerator and Your Vehicle Can Power Home, RV, Emergency

Have you ever found yourself in need of a reliable, backup power source –  at home, during emergencies, or when camping? A portable car generator can transform your vehicle into a backup generator that converts the electric energy produced by your car or truck, into electricity you can use for items you would normally plug

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featured image 1250 collage of 4 different kinds of electric tow dollies with headline

Electric Trailer Dollies Guide: Easily Move RVs and Boats

Maneuvering an RV, camper, boat, or cargo trailer in and out of tight spaces can be frustrating, and that’s when an electric trailer dolly can be a game changer. But with so many choices, it can be confusing to figure out which is best for your needs. In our guide to electric trailer dollies, we

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feature image 1250x750 family at dusk viewing solar eclipse

The Next Solar Eclipses In The US: 2023 and 2024

One of the most exhilarating experiences of our RV travels was witnessing the 2017 solar eclipse. There are two more solar eclipses happening in the US within the next year. An Annular Solar Eclipse in October 2023 and a Total Solar Eclipse in April 2024. Both the Annular Solar Eclipse and Total Solar Eclipse are indeed

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van parked on side of scenic mountain road

Price For RV Rentals vs Owning an RV?

Dreaming of RV adventures and wondering if it makes more sense to rent an RV – or buy one? The price of RV rentals, and the cost of RV ownership, will vary greatly depending on a variety of factors. We’ll dive into upfront costs, ongoing costs, and other factors you need to consider. Whether you’re a

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9 Tips for Safely Driving an RV on Steep Grades

Driving an RV can be stressful, especially at altitude, when navigating steep grades, hills, and mountain passes. Whether you drive a gas-powered RV or truck, a diesel motorhome, or tow a trailer, here are nine tips for safely navigating up steep grades, and back down again, without overheating the brakes. Following this advice will help

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1250 x 750 marc and julie in front of rv holding credit card and empty pockets

Values Of RVs. What’s My RV Worth?

One of the biggest challenges we face as owners of an RV, motorhome, or camper, is accurately determining the used price or values of RVs. You may be wondering… What’s my RV worth? Whether buying or selling an RV, there are many factors to consider. The process can be stressful and overwhelming. That’s why it’s

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USA Canada Border Crossing Featured image 1250 x 750

Canadian Border Crossing Tips With Your RV

Planning an RV road trip across the border from the United States into Canada (or vice versa) and wondering what to expect? Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a first-time visitor, it’s essential to know the rules and regulations for a Canadian border crossing ahead of time. From documents to inspections for pets, plants, people,

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1250 x 750 Green River Utah featured image with text

RV Parks Near Green River Utah – Summary and Guide

Looking for an RV Park near Green River Utah? Whether you are looking a quick overnight stay on your way to another destination, or want to stay a while to explore Moab and Utah’s national parks, Green River Utah is a great place to stop in your RV travels. It is conveniently located right off

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Collage of four thousand trails campgrounds with text 25 thousand trails california campgrounds

All About Thousand Trails In California: 25 RV parks

California is one of the best states for Thousand Trails RV resort locations. The fact that California has such a variety in elevation and latitude provides an opportunity for finding just the right climate for your RV travels year-round. With so many being interested in keeping their RVing stays affordable, now is the time to

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RV Podcast Roundup: Our Top Picks

Looking for some great podcasts for your daily work commutes, when driving to new travel destinations, or to entertain you while you do chores or exercise? We searched and listened to all the RV and camping podcasts and curated this selection of our top picks. What are these RV podcasts about? Many cover a wide variety of

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10 Easy DIY RV Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Love your RV, but not happy with your RV bathroom? Have you wanted to make your rig’s bathroom look and function better while updating an older look? Not sure what to do or where to start? Here are some easy and low-cost ideas for DIY RV bathroom renovation and upgrades you can do! My wife

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Marina Dunes RV Resort near Monterey California

Marina Dunes RV Resort is a boutique-style coastal RV park near Monterey, California, in a highly desirable and convenient area. It is part of the Thousand Trails Encore campground network, which enables members (like us) to stay for a low nightly rate. Close to many scenic destinations along the Pacific Coast Highway, this was one

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Our California RV Trip Recap And Cost Comparison

Given California’s reputation for being so expensive, our expense report for our California RV trip may surprise you! Where did we stay? How many miles? What was our fuel bill? And what was the total cost? In this in-depth post, get all these answers in our road trip stats, campgrounds, and average nightly cost. Plus,

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Pacific Dunes Ranch Campground Pismo Beach, CA

Pacific Dunes Ranch Campground offers RV and cabin camping on the south-central California Coast. Conveniently located midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, this park is adjacent to rolling sand dunes, on the Pacific Ocean.  This RV resort is part of the Thousand Trails Encore campground network, where you can stay for a nightly fee as low

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Jojoba Hills SKP RV Resort Near Temecula California

This isn’t just any RV park, it’s an affordable and engaged community offering a pretty awesome lifestyle. After hearing so many positive things about this place, we had to go check out Jojoba Hills SKP RV Resort in person. Located near Temecula, California, it’s a popular winter base for RVers, and even for living year-round. 

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rv facing ocean in a beachfront rv site

Beachfront RV Camping Near Ventura California

Does the Ventura beach camping reality live up to the hype? It seems almost everyone dreams about camping by the beach. We’ve seen rave reviews about beachfront RV camping near Ventura, California. So on our recent trip up the California coast, we decided to find out for ourselves… is it really worth it? Two of

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Joshua Tree National Park Belle Campground Review

The Belle Campground is one of the eight campgrounds inside Joshua Tree National Park. Most of the 500 campsites within the national park require reservations. But, Belle Campground is a small 18-site, first-come, first-served campground. Should you stay there? Read on to find out in our detailed review. Location of Belle Campground, Joshua Tree NP

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Hershey pup and RV toilet

How to DIY Replace a Thetford RV Toilet Waste Ball Seal

Having problems with the seal on your RV toilet? Replacing the waste ball seal in a Thetford RV toilet is a simple and inexpensive DIY RV toilet repair. In this post, I walk you through the process, step-by-step to save you time, money, and avoid those unpleasant odors in your RV! Here’s how we knew

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Palm trees snow capped mountains at RV Oasis RV Resort Cathedral City CA

Palm Springs Oasis RV Resort in California

Palm Springs Oasis RV Resort is located in the beautiful Palm Springs California area which is extremely popular in winter due to its dry, warmer climate. Not to mention the huge range of things to see and do. It is part of the Thousand Trails camping network and one of the Trails Collection of Encore parks. Read on

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1250 x 750 tiffin towing orange mini. text on dusty window says I go where I am towed

Best Cars To Tow Behind RVs

Towing a vehicle behind your RV allows you to explore and run errands without breaking camp. But not all cars can be towed. Choosing the right vehicle to tow is a big decision, and you want to avoid making an expensive mistake.  So, where do you even start? We’ve made it easier for you by

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Motorhome and fifth wheel accident at campground

7 RV Hacks to Avoid Accidents in the Campground

Have you ever witnessed an accident inside the campground? We recently saw a departing RV hit a stationary RV parked at their campsite. Fortunately, nobody was hurt. But it did cause thousands of dollars of damage. And it was an expensive inconvenience that could have easily been avoided with extra care. In this post, we

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woman in dental chair

Why RVers Go To Mexico For Dental… And More!

Ever heard of medical tourism? Did you know that every day, thousands of Americans and Canadians cross the USA border into Mexico for dental, optical and pharmaceutical? Wondering WHY they do it… and are they crazy!? Let’s take a close look at this popular trend among RVers, and answer all your questions. Inexpensive, Yet Quality

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When to Buy an RV Warranty For Best Value

RV warranties are about to see a price rise on January 1st, and we’ve been getting a lot of questions about whether it’s a good time to buy one now, before that happens. Model years will also change – is your RV eligible? When it comes to RV warranty protection, there’s a lot to consider.

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featured image couple in Christmas colors 33 gifts

33 Awesome RV Gift Ideas for Any Budget: Holiday Gift Guide 2022

It’s here! Our annual holiday gift guide for 2022, and it’s packed with both fun and practical ideas for RV lovers, travelers and adventurers! You’ll find 33 more awesome, fresh, and fun gift ideas for ANY budget, in this year’s collection. From RV and adventure gear, to electronics and entertainment, there’s something for everyone… adults,

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All About Thousand Trails In Florida: 40+ Campgrounds

Florida is a desirable state for RVing, especially in winter. And with so many RVers looking for ways to camp affordably, Thousand Trails parks are a popular option. Over 40 campgrounds and RV parks are within the Thousand Trails camping network. But which memberships give you access? And how to decide which ones to stay

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Cost of RVing – Full Time vs Part Time?

A common question for many folks considering the RV lifestyle is affordability. Specifically, what is the cost of RVing? And what about full timing vs part-time RVing? After owning four RVs over the last eight years, we dish out the details on how our costs of RVing added up to give you an idea. This

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Fun N Sun RV Resort in Southern Texas Thousand Trails

Looking for an alternative snowbird destination to the crowded Florida and Arizona campgrounds? Many people complain about the expense and difficulties of finding RV resorts in Florida and Arizona in the winter. But we hardly ever hear these complaints about wintering in Texas. So we headed to the Rio Grande Valley in extreme southern Texas

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Busting 5 Common RV Camping Myths With Proof!

We’ve all been seeing and hearing complaints about the challenges of RV travel and RV camping over the past couple of years. Everything from the affordability of RVing and finding campsites, to escaping the crowds and getting your RV repaired. And we’re here to bust five of these RV camping myths, with PROOF, from our

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9 RV Maintenance Items To Protect Your Investment

It is no secret that RVs need maintenance and repairs. And the better job you do with regular preventative maintenance, the more likely you are to avoid costly repairs, and reduce the damage and downtime that prevent you from enjoying your RV travels. In this post we cover 9 common RV maintenance items and share

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Find Great Campsites Using Campground Virtual Tours

Researching and booking campsites can be exhausting, frustrating, and has almost become a part time job for many RVers these days. Yet after all these years of RVing, we still keep discovering new places, scenic views, and importantly, new tools – to help find them! In this article, we’ll show you a very handy tool

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Saddlehorn Campground Review in Colorado

Saddlehorn Campground is run by the National Park Service (NPS), and is the only campground inside Colorado National Monument, near Grand Junction in western Colorado. It may have no hookups, but it has plenty of appeal. Here’s our review, after our stay in June of 2022. View from one of the scenic pullouts on the drive

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Save Money On Fuel With These 7 Top Tips

Looking for ways to save money on fuel at the pump? Don’t let the current high fuel prices cramp your RV travel style. While none of us have control over fuel prices, there are ways you can reduce – or at least offset – your fuel expenses by making a few tweaks to reduce the

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Interview with Alyssa Padgett

It is guesstimated less than 1% of Americans will visit all 50 USA states before they die. Yet young newlyweds Alyssa and Heath Padgett bought an old RV and hit the road to visit all 50 USA states in ONE year. Yes, it sounds crazy. But they lived to tell the tale (with a few

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Our 8,500 Mile RV Trip to Florida and Beyond

Here’s the recap on our epic 8,500 mile, three and a half month RV trip to Florida and beyond. In it, we answer all your questions, like… What is this new RV? Where did we stay? And how many gallons of fuel were guzzled? In this post, we share our road trip stats, campgrounds, unexpected RV

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How Much Does A Thousand Trails Membership Cost? (2024 Update)

So what does a new Thousand Trails Camping Membership cost in 2024? Here’s the latest pricing for all new Thousand Trails (TT) memberships, and the latest promotional deals. We cover the Zone Camping Pass, Trails Collection, Elite Basic, Elite Connections and NEW Adventure upgrade – with an overview of each membership type and key benefits.

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Blix Packa Genie Cargo Ebike Review

Why a cargo electric bike? After riding the Blix Pack Genie Cargo eBike more than 300 miles across a variety of terrains, I share the features, specs, riding experience, range, speed, and my overall thoughts in this detailed review. I’ll also share the reasons for choosing this particular ebike.  After trying MANY different brands and types

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Blix Vika+ Flex Folding Ebike Review

Ebikes are hotter than ever, and with so many new features available, we recently upgraded and added two new Blix ebikes to our fleet. I (Julie) upgraded to the new Blix Vika+ Flex electric bike. In our in-depth review, we share the specs, range, and features of the Blix Vika+ Flex. And we answer the question:

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Camp Margaritaville RV Resort Auburndale, Florida

The Camp Margaritaville RV Resort in Auburndale Florida is one of the nicest RV resorts we have ever stayed at. Honestly, we have to admit, this is actually our favorite RV property (to date), from all of our years of RV travel.  This is a surprisingly special and well appointed resort, with laidback, friendly “Margaritaville

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Class C or Class A Motorhome? Which is best?

Which style of RV travel is better – a Class C or Class A motorhome? After experiencing both, we’ve had a lot of questions about how the smaller Class C RV compares to our bigger Class A’s. Which do we like better? In this quick blog post, we compare the two types, and share our

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Sunshine Key RV Resort And Marina Thousand Trails In Florida

Sunshine Key RV Resort and Marina is truly a scenic RV destination, located in the beautiful Florida Keys. We stayed here in our RV for just $20/night. Probably one of the nicest Thousand Trails resorts in Florida. Want to learn more about this campground and how you can stay there affordably? Read on for more

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Hot New RVs at Florida RV Supershow Part 2: Towable RVs

It was with and open mind and a sense of curiosity that we attended this year’s Florida RV Supershow – wondering what RV we might end up with next – motorized or towable? This is the second in our two-part blog post series that includes more detail, photos, plus short videos of all the RVs mentioned. Part

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Hot New RVs at Florida RV Supershow Part 1: Motorhomes

This is the first in our two-part blog post series about the RVs that we found to be “hot” at the 2022 Florida RV Supershow. Here in Part 1, we cover the motorized RVs – from big luxury motorcoaches, toy haulers and Super C’s to mini motorhomes, and accessible RVs – that captured our interest.

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blue mesa recreational ranch sign colorado

Blue Mesa Recreational Ranch Near Gunnison CO

Big news from Thousand Trails! They’ve acquired a campground to add to their network of Thousand Trails preserves. It’s the first campground they’ve added in over 20 years. Even better, it’s in Colorado! Many Thousand Trails Members, like us, have long awaited more properties in the middle of the country. Keep reading for more information

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Quartzsite Arizona Boondocking and Big Tent RV Show

Each year in January brings a huge attraction for RVers from all over the country to the eclectic little desert town of Quartzsite, Arizona: the famous “Big Tent RV Show”. This year, the 2024 Quartzsite RV Show and Big Tent event starts on January 20th and runs until January 28th. In this guide, we share

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2022 Florida RV SuperShow: What You Need to Know

Whether you are browsing, RV shopping, learning, or dreaming, the Florida RV Supershow (also known as the Tampa RV Supershow) in January is well worth a visit. We’ll be there, in a Class C motorhome that we rented from a friend for the winter. Yep, we’re RV shopping again! We’re excited to also be appearing

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37 Awesome RV Gift Ideas for Any Budget | Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Looking for some holiday gift inspiration for the RV travelers in your life? We rounded up 37 fresh and fun gift ideas for our 2021 holiday gift guide. With RV gear, decor, fashion, electronics, and entertainment, there’s something for everyone… adults, kids and even pets. And every kind of RV owner – big, small, trailer,

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The State of RV Repairs: Problems and Solutions

One of the biggest frustrations for RVers right now is just how difficult it can be to get an RV repaired, with delays of weeks or even months! In this post we cover the key factors, share some alternative solutions, and introduce you to a new virtual RV tech service to help you DIY many

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RV of the Year Awards 2022: Finalist RV Tours

We’re just back from a trip to Elkhart, Indiana, the RV Capital of the World, where we were honored to help host the RV Business Magazine’s 2022 RV of the Year Awards. In between filming the official RV of the Year finalists and winner announcement videos, we managed to grab some behind the scenes video

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How To Winterize An RV: What You Need

Summer is over, and colder temps are here. For most RVers, especially if you live in states with lots of freezing temperatures, it is time to protect your RV investment by winterizing it. Of course, if you are a full-timer, you’re probably heading to warmer weather. That’s what we did for six years, but now

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Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta Guide (2023 update)

The famous Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta is a bucket list event for millions globally. In this handy guide, we share some top tips for attending the fiesta. We cover how to snag an RV camping spot, fun facts and tips. Plus how you can watch this amazing event live online even if you can’t make it

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Best rv internet featured image 2023. person in RV working on computer via the internet

What’s the Best RV Internet Setup? 2024 Update

Feeling overwhelmed or confused by the challenge of trying to work out the best RV internet setup for your RV life and travels? There’s a lot of info out there, and it can be hard to try and make sense of it all. But if you want a powerful, straightforward high-speed internet solution that simply

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Vacation Village RV Resort near Tampa Florida

It had been a few years since we stayed in Florida for the winter in our RV.  We planned on spending the 2018-19 winter season entirely in Florida. Most all of our stays with our Thousand Trails membership with Trails Collection upgrade to keep our expenses down. Our first stay for the winter was at

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MARC And julie bennett of rvlove holding RV HACKS book with mountain backdrop

RV HACKS. Our New Book is a Bestseller!

After 9 months of labor and preparation, we’re thrilled to announce the arrival of… drum roll please…. our NEW (2nd) book! Yes, RV HACKS: 400+ Ways to Make Life on the Road Easier, Safer and More Fun! officially hit bookstores around the country – in print and digital – on July 13. We’re feeling like

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12 RV Hacks for Staying Cool this Summer

Beat the heat this summer with these 12 handy hacks that will help you, your pets, and your RV stay cool and comfortable, despite the high temps! We pulled these hacks from our new book RV HACKS: 400+ Ways to Make Life on the Road Easier, Safer and More Fun. It’s available in print and

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Kebler Corner RV Park and Cabins Review

Looking for a great riverside campground in the Colorado mountains? Check out Kebler Corner RV park and Cabins in Gunnison County Colorado. Read on for more details about this RV Park and the surrounding area. Location of Kebler Corner Kebler Corner RV Park is located on the west side of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado

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Flux EM1 Electric Moped Review For RV Travelers

Do you really need a tow vehicle in your RV life? Or would an electric moped take you where you need to go – around local areas and the campground? After all, RV towing setups can be expensive, and gas prices are rising. So it’s worth exploring all your options before making big decisions. In

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Join 30+ RV Experts at 2nd Hit the Road RV Summit

Are you ready for your best year of RV life and RV travel? Join us and more than 30 RV industry and RV lifestyle experts at our 2nd Annual Hit the Road RV Summit, over the weekend of April 24-25. You will learn from this amazing lineup of people who will be sharing valuable information, strategies,

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Vika + Electric Folding e-Bike Review and Video

In this detailed video and blog review, we introduce you to the Vika+ folding electric bike from Blix Bike, share the specs, a feature comparison, the range, who it’s ideal for, plus our overall thoughts. Are we still happy with it after having it a while?  As RV travelers, we love being active, and getting

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Top 10 Tips for Natural Bug Repellents

Looking for a more natural, deet-free solution to keep mosquitoes and no-see-ums at bay? Warmer weather and longer days are fast approaching, and we’re excited for the start of another great season. But with the onset of spring comes one specific challenge that we have found to be a painful nuisance, especially here in Florida

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Big Chief RV and Cabin Resort in Texas Hill Country

North west of Austin, you’ll find this lovely RV and cabin resort in Texas hill country, right on Lake Buchanan! Big Chief RV and Cabin Resort in Burnet, Texas is a hidden gem where you can really get away from it all – whether its fishing, wine tasting, exploring or relaxing. We spent a couple

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PepperBall LifeLite Self Defense Pepper Ball Gun

As experienced RVers, we are often asked about personal safety out on the road. What about carrying some form of protection? As former law enforcement, Marc is very familiar with both lethal and non-lethal weapons, having used and been trained in firearms, tasers and pepper spray. On the other hand, Julie has never used firearms

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What is the Thousand Trails Adventure Membership Upgrade?

There’s been a lot of buzz about Thousand Trails’ new Adventure membership upgrade. What are the benefits? How is it different from other membership options? Is it worth the investment?  In this article, we cover all the details and answer as many questions as we can, to help you make an informed decision about whether

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Fuel Costs Over 6 Years of Full Time RV Life

Oh, how we’d love a dollar every time we’re asked: “How much do you spend on fuel for your RV!?” The answer, of course, depends on many things, including how many miles we drive. But we did the math after six years of full-timing and think the answer may surprise you!  Here’s our in-depth report

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21+ Unique Gift Ideas for RVers & Travelers

Looking for useful, interesting and affordable gift ideas for the traveler or RVer in your life? While we don’t have the space or interest in just accumulating more ‘stuff’ for the sake of it, we do love discovering handy new items that will enhance our RV life, whether they are on sale or not.  Of

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Casita Travel Trailer Tour Freedom Deluxe 17

Take a tour of our little Casita trailer camper as we show you the inside and out. It’s a 2019 Casita Freedom Deluxe 17′ travel trailer that we tow with our Jeep Cherokee – and yes it even comes with a bathroom. In this video and post, we’ll show you what it came optioned with,

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We Bought Another RV. What Did We Get and Why?

We just bought another RV, so now we have two! We hinted at downsizing a while back. And as most of you know, we’ve been trying different RVs on for size – toying with the idea of getting a second, smaller RV. Then 2020 threw us a curveball.  In our latest video, we take you

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Lithium Vs Lead Acid Batteries in Cold Temps

With winter just around the corner, one of the most common concerns of RVers relates to their batteries. The big question is: which batteries work best in cold temperatures – lead acid (AGM) or lithium? This can be a complex topic. With the latest release of some interesting new data testing on battery performance, we

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RV Camping Costs over 6 years of Full-Time RVing

RV camping is one of the biggest expenses for any RVer. So exactly how much did we spend on camping during six years as full-time RVers traveling North America? We’ve done every kind of RV camping – from RV parks to boondocking – and tracked the costs. Then calculated our average nightly camping rates, year over

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Is Thousand Trails 10 year worth it featured image collage

Is Thousand Trails Worth it? Our Comprehensive Review

After 6 years of life on the road, traveling as full-time RVers, and another 4 years of part-time travel, we reviewed our biggest RV-related expenses to see what this lifestyle has really been costing us each year. We start by answering one of our most often-asked questions: Is our Thousand Trails membership worth it?  In

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arial view of middlefork rv park in fairplay co

Middlefork RV Park in Fairplay Colorado

Summer is a very popular time for travel. But for some it is a bit too hot for optimal comfort in their RVs.  That is why many RVers either head to northern states, or to higher elevation. This summer we chose to escape to the cooler temps in the mountains of Colorado. One of our

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Garden of the Gods rv site with cc and blaze

Garden of the Gods RV Resort in Colorado Springs Review

We have stayed at Garden of the Gods RV Resort many times in our 6 years of travel, and have always enjoyed our return visits. When the pandemic shelter in place orders began in March, we were boondocking in Arizona, where we ended up staying for 5 weeks. But with the desert temperatures set to

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RV in colorado national monument

RV Rental Q&A – Your RV Rental Questions Answered

RV rentals are in the news everywhere we are turning these days. The word is out that RVs are the safest way to travel while still maintaining control of your environment. It is a re-birth of the North American road trips.   For those who don’t already have an RV, the next best thing is to

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Leo's campground main office and RV rental

Leo’s Campground in Key West Florida Review

During our recent RV rental in Florida, we drove from from Tampa to Key West. While staying in Key West, we chose to stay at this small campground called Leo’s. Leo’s campground has lots of personality. Read on for our complete review. Location of Leo’s Campground and RV Park Only a few miles from the

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Hit the Road With 15+ RV Experts With This RV Summit

Our Hit the Road RV Summit virtual event was a huge success! Now, you can watch ALL of the summit content online – anytime. Listen and learn from 15+ RV experts in 21 sessions over 13 hours of awesome RV education and entertainment. We’ll help you get ready to hit the road in an RV

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Oscar Scherer State Park Campground inFlorida

A Florida Gulf Coast camping location near the beach and feeling like a real getaway from city hustle and bustle, but still right in the middle of town. Oscar Scherer State Park was a real surprise for us that you might enjoy too. Read on for more in our review. We have stayed at around

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Our RV Makeover in Apartment Therapy’s Contest

VUPDATE: Voting is closed and the winner of the TINY category has been announced! Unfortunately, we did NOT win, but we truly appreciate you voting for us! Read further below to learn more about why we were in the running for this contest. Click here to see the category winners of the Apartment Therapy Small

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2020 Camping Plans Survey Results

On the heels of the coronavirus pandemic, with most states lifting shelter in place orders, how so RVers feel about the upcoming camping season? Are you ready to get back out there? Feel nervous? What are your biggest concerns? And what do you most look forward to? Here, we share the results of our 2020

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11 Tips for Traveling Safely in an RV During COVID-19

As states begin lifting lockdowns, people are already planning camping trips and hitting the road in their RVs. Campgrounds are opening back up. Gas prices are the lowest we’ve seen in ages. And with most rigs being completely self contained, an RV is hands down the safest way to travel. But as you get back

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