copper sink gold faucet and header 10 easy DIY RV Bathroom Renovation Ideas

10 Easy DIY RV Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Love your RV, but not happy with your RV bathroom? Have you wanted to make your rig’s bathroom look and function better while updating an older look? Not sure what to do or where to start? Here are some easy and low-cost ideas for DIY RV bathroom renovation and upgrades you can do! My wife

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Marina Dunes RV Resort near Monterey California

Marina Dunes RV Resort is a boutique-style coastal RV park near Monterey, California, in a highly desirable and convenient area. It is part of the Thousand Trails Encore campground network, which enables members (like us) to stay for a low nightly rate. Close to many scenic destinations along the Pacific Coast Highway, this was one

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Our California RV Trip Recap And Cost Comparison

We just wrapped up a nine-week California RV trip to escape the cold winter. Given California’s reputation for being so expensive, our expense report may surprise you! Where did we stay? How many miles? What was our fuel bill? And what was the total cost? Get all these answers in our road trip stats, campgrounds,

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Pacific Dunes Ranch Campground Pismo Beach, CA

Pacific Dunes Ranch Campground offers RV and cabin camping on the south-central California Coast. Conveniently located midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, this park is adjacent to rolling sand dunes, on the Pacific Ocean. This RV resort is part of the Thousand Trails Encore campground network, where you can stay for a nightly fee as low as

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Jojoba Hills SKP RV Resort Near Temecula California

This isn’t just any RV park, it’s an affordable and engaged community offering a pretty awesome lifestyle. After hearing so many positive things about this place, we had to go check Jojoba Hills SKP RV Resort out in person ourselves. Located near Temecula, California, it’s a popular winter base for RVers, and even for living

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rv facing ocean in a beachfront rv site

Beachfront RV Camping Near Ventura California

Does the Ventura beach camping reality live up to the hype? It seems almost everyone dreams about camping by the beach. We’ve seen rave reviews about beachfront RV camping near Ventura, California. So on our recent trip up the California coast, we decided to find out for ourselves… is it really worth it? Two of

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Joshua Tree National Park Belle Campground Review

The Belle Campground is one of the eight campgrounds inside Joshua Tree National Park. Most of the 500 campsites within the national park require reservations. But, Belle Campground is a small 18-site, first-come, first-served campground. Should you stay there? Read on to find out in our detailed review. Location of Belle Campground, Joshua Tree NP

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Hershey pup and RV toilet

How to DIY Replace a Thetford RV Toilet Waste Ball Seal

Having problems with the seal on your RV toilet? Replacing the waste ball seal in a Thetford RV toilet is a simple and inexpensive DIY RV toilet repair. In this post, I walk you through the process, step-by-step to save you time, money, and avoid those unpleasant odors in your RV! Here’s how we knew

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Palm trees snow capped mountains at RV Oasis RV Resort Cathedral City CA

Palm Springs Oasis RV Resort in California

Palm Springs Oasis RV Resort is located in the beautiful Palm Springs California area which is extremely popular in winter due to its dry, warmer climate. Not to mention the huge range of things to see and do. It is part of the Thousand Trails camping network and one of the Trails Collection of Encore parks. Read on

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1250 x 750 tiffin towing orange mini. text on dusty window says I go where I am towed

Best Cars To Tow Behind RVs

Towing a vehicle behind your RV allows you to explore and run errands, without having to break camp. But not all cars can be towed. Choosing the right vehicle to tow is a big decision, and you want to avoid making an expensive mistake. So where do you even start? We’ve made it easier for you

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Motorhome and fifth wheel accident at campground

7 RV Hacks to Avoid Accidents in the Campground

Ever witnessed an accident inside the campground? We recently saw a departing RV hit a stationary RV parked at their campsite. Fortunately, nobody was hurt. But it did cause thousands of dollars of damage. And ended up being an expensive inconvenience that could have easily been avoided with some extra care. In this post, we

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woman in dental chair

Why RVers Go To Mexico For Dental… And More!

Ever heard of medical tourism? Did you know that every day, thousands of Americans and Canadians cross the USA border into Mexico for dental, optical and pharmaceutical? Wondering WHY they do it… and are they crazy!? Let’s take a close look at this popular trend among RVers, and answer all your questions. Inexpensive, Yet Quality

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When to Buy an RV Warranty For Best Value

RV warranties are about to see a price rise on January 1st, and we’ve been getting a lot of questions about whether it’s a good time to buy one now, before that happens. Model years will also change – is your RV eligible? When it comes to RV warranty protection, there’s a lot to consider.

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featured image couple in Christmas colors 33 gifts

33 Awesome RV Gift Ideas for Any Budget: Holiday Gift Guide 2022

It’s here! Our annual holiday gift guide for 2022, and it’s packed with both fun and practical ideas for RV lovers, travelers and adventurers! You’ll find 33 more awesome, fresh, and fun gift ideas for ANY budget, in this year’s collection. From RV and adventure gear, to electronics and entertainment, there’s something for everyone… adults,

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All About Thousand Trails In Florida: 40+ Campgrounds

Florida is a desirable state for RVing, especially in winter. And with so many RVers looking for ways to camp affordably, Thousand Trails parks are a popular option. There are over 40 campgrounds and RV parks within the Thousand Trails camping network. But which memberships give you access? And how to decide which ones to stay

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Cost of RVing – Full Time vs Part Time?

A common question for many folks considering the RV lifestyle is around affordability. Specifically, what is the cost of RVing? And what about full timing vs part time RVing? After owning four RVs over the last eight years, we dish out the details on what our own costs of RVing added up to, to give

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Fun N Sun RV Resort in Southern Texas Thousand Trails

Looking for an alternative snowbird destination to the crowded Florida and Arizona campgrounds? Many people complain about the expense and difficulties of finding RV resorts in Florida and Arizona in the winter. But we hardly ever hear these complaints about wintering in Texas. So we headed to the Rio Grande Valley in extreme southern Texas

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Busting 5 Common RV Camping Myths With Proof!

We’ve all been seeing and hearing complaints about the challenges of RV travel and RV camping over the past couple of years. Everything from the affordability of RVing and finding campsites, to escaping the crowds and getting your RV repaired. And we’re here to bust five of these RV camping myths, with PROOF, from our

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9 RV Maintenance Items To Protect Your Investment

It is no secret that RVs need maintenance and repairs. And the better job you do with regular preventative maintenance, the more likely you are to avoid costly repairs, and reduce the damage and downtime that prevent you from enjoying your RV travels. In this post we cover 9 common RV maintenance items and share

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